Returned Study Abroad & Exchange Students

Welcome back! 

We hope you've had a wonderful, life-changing experience during your time away from UTC, and now we're happy to have you back! To help you adjust back to life here in the U.S. and at UTC, we have a number of resources for you. We also have a checklist for you to revisit for any remaining follow-up you may need to do with our office. Check out our pages on the Cultural Ambassador Program and the International Student Organization (ISO) for further involvement...we always have something going on!

Returned Student Checklist

Debrief with Study Abroad Office Staff to share your experiences and provide feedback on your program

Inquire with the office about opportunities to keep your experiences alive and volunteer, assist with presentations, provide blogs, videos, photos from your program, etc.

Check in on your transcript with the office and confirm that all courses taken abroad are updated in your file