Returned Study Abroad & Exchange Students

students pose on rock wall in Sweden

Welcome back! 

We hope you've had a wonderful, life-changing experience during your time away from UTC, and we're happy to have you back!

To help you adjust back to life here in the U.S. and at UTC, we have a number of resources for you. We also have a checklist for you to revisit for any remaining follow-up you may need to do with our office. 

Make sure to sign up to attend a Study Abroad 104 session!

Upon your return from study abroad you will be contacted by the Office of Study Abroad. Our office will be looking for feedback regarding your experiences while abroad. This is a chance for you to let our office know what you loved about your program (and maybe what you didn't love so much), but also to provide important tips or suggestions for future study abroad students!

The Office of Study Abroad usually receives study abroad transcripts two - three months AFTER your study abroad program ends. Keep this in mind if you will be graduating shortly after your return from study abroad. If you have not heard anything from our office within two - three months, check in with us as well as the program provider/host institution.

Once the Office of Study Abroad has your transcript, we will match it up against the courses you had signed off on your course pre-approval form prior to departure. If the transcript matches with those courses, our office will send your courses/grades to the appropriate department heads for final approval. Once final approval is given, your transcript(s) will be sent to the Registrar for posting.

If your study abroad transcript does not match up with the course pre-approval form, our office will contact you and let you know that you need to get the courses approved by the appropriate department head(s). Your study abroad transcript will NOT be sent to the Registrar until this has been completed and the department has given final course/grade approval.

Just as you may have experience culture shock during your time abroad, it's entirely possible that you may experience reverse culture shock upon your return to the United States. Below you will find some resources on reverse culture shock.

Inquire with the Office of Study Abroad about opportunities to keep your experiences alive and volunteer, assist with presentations, provide blogs, videos, photos from your program, etc. 

There are also several opportunities for you to get involved with international students on campus! Learn more about becoming an International Orientation Leader and about our International Buddy Program.

If you studied abroad through any study abroad program, other than a UTC faculty-led program, then you will need to request your study abroad transcript either directly from the program provider you studied abroad with or directly from your host university (if you did direct enroll or exchange). 

The Center of Global Education receives one official copy of your study abroad transcript which is sent to the UTC Registrar. The Registrar must maintain this official transcript in your file. 

Please contact the host university or study abroad program provider to find out how you can receive an official copy of your study abroad transcript(s).

If you studied abroad through a UTC faculty-led program, you can request your UTC transcript from the Registrar. Information on UTC transcript ordering can be found by clicking here.