Online Resources

There are many education abroad organizations that provide online resources for parents, and many of these organizations are UTC partner organizations.

Preparing Your Student for Study Abroad

• CIEE's Knowledge Series - Parents: Pointers to Prepare for the Transformation
(Tips for all three phases of your student’s experience: before, during, and after)

• IIE Passport's Parent Resource Center
(Includes information on safety, insurance, student travel documents, and questions for parents to ask)

•'s Parent Guide
(Includes information on international cell phones, insurance, FAQs, and packing tips)

While Your Student is Studying Abroad

• Diversity Abroad: Parent Guide
(Includes sections on Basics for Parents, Health & Safety, Paying for Study Abroad, and a Forum)


• Re-Entry
(A Handbook for Parents of Students Returning Home from Studying Abroad)