Health and Safety 

female student overlooks landscape of Granada

The health and safety of both incoming and outgoing students is our first priority.

All students are given orientation prior to their departure and again on-site upon arrival. In addition to the health and safety orientation materials provided to all students, here are some extra resources.

Health Insurance while abroad

Any UTC student who plans on studying abroad must be covered by a comprehensive medical health insurance. Students going through a provider program will typically have this insurance incorporated into their program fees (through the provider), but double check to ensure that insurance is included in your program fees. 

UTC students participating in most faculty-led trips will be enrolled in a comprehensive medical health insurance plan through the Center for Global Education. Certain faculty-led trips will have insurance provided to them through their host university program (ex. University of Alcala).

UTC students participating in a non-UTC affiliated program (ex. direct enrolls) will need to speak with the host university to determine if health insurance is included in their program fees. If not, students need to make arrangements to have insurance purchased through the Center for Global Education.

Safety while abroad

We recommend reviewing these sites for tips/suggestions on safety while abroad:

It is important to know the resources available to you while you're abroad. Make sure you have the contact information for your host university! In an emergency, you should contact the local authorities as well as inform your host university advisor/advisor with your specific program provider.

Additionally, you can always contact the UTC Police Department at 423-425-4357 and they can get you in touch with the appropriate on-campus representative (i.e. Center for Global Education, Dean of Students, etc).

Make sure you sign up to attend a Study Abroad 103: Pre-Departure Orientation session prior to your departure!