The Process...Get Started!

Congratulations on making the first move towards your goal of studying abroad! The experiences you gain through an exchange/study abroad can be transformational and life-changing. You will learn new things about yourself, about others, and about the world. We hope that you will also come back as an engaged global citizen and give back to the UTC community through your new insights and experiences. But first, we need to get you started! The Office of Study Abroad has simplified the process of getting started on your study abroad plans with four simple steps. You can find all the resources you need here on our website to work through these steps.   

Step 1: Attend an Information Session

Prior to meeting with anyone in the office, students need to plan on attending the Study Abroad 101 and 102 Information Sessions offered at various times throughout the semester. Refer to the homepage to learn more about these information sessions and to sign-up. 

Step 2: Explore Program Opportunities

Visit the Programs section of the website to search for approved programs. You can search with the interactive map, in the featured programs section, or in the advanced search. Plan to come to your advising appointment prepared with the research you have done and specific questions on programs you have researched.

Step 3: Schedule an Advising Appointment

Set up an advising appointment with the Study Abroad Advisor (you can schedule an appointment to meet with Laura Livermore through SSC Campus - please see our study abroad homepage, "Quick Links", for instructions on scheduling an appointment). 

Step 4: Apply to a Program

Applying to a program is specific to each and every program, and most programs request supplemental application materials that require Study Abroad Advisor approval and signatures. Guidelines for this process will be provided by your Study Abroad Advisor. Be sure to note BOTH the Center for Global Education deadline as well as the specific program deadline - you will want to meet the earlier deadline. 

If you need to submit an official UTC transcript for your study abroad application, you can request this through The Records Office by clicking here. Please note, all study abroad programs (provider, exchange, direct enroll, etc) will require you to submit official transcripts as part of the application process.


Students participating in a non-UTC sponsored study abroad program should create a profile through the system (click on the "Apply Now" button once you navigate to the webpage). Be sure to sign in with your UTC ID and password. Once logged in, you will be able to complete all necessary forms/paperwork as well as have access to the scholarship application. 

IMPORTANT: Before applying for a non-UTC study abroad program, it is extremely important that you speak with a study abroad advisor in the Office of Study Abroad. Failure to meet with an advisor prior to applying could result in significant delays in the processing of UTC financial aid as well as issues in posting your study abroad courses/grades upon your return.

Step 5: Complete ALL Study Abroad Requirements

Once you've selected a program, and applied, make sure you complete all UTC and program requirements by the posted deadlines. It's important to note, the program will have deadlines that are separate from the UTC deadlines. It is your responsibility to complete all study abroad requirements prior to your departure!