Study Abroad and Exchange Program Types

Bilateral Exchange Programs:

UTC has established direct agreements with a variety of institutions around the world to allow UTC students the opportunity to participate in academic exchanges. Students choosing this option will directly enroll in university classes, and may also have the option to take specific classes designed for foreign students. Bilateral exchanges can be some of the most affordable exchange programs available to UTC students. These programs will be tagged as Featured Programs in the website's program search engine. 

Affiliate Programs:

Also known as Third Party Programs or Approved Programs, UTC's Affiliate Programs offer a variety of program models, academics, themes, regions, countries, and program fees. These programs offer a range of scholarships specific to their programs and often provide students with additional support services and resources. Some may be very comparable to what a student may spend at UTC for a semester. UTC currently has affiliate program agreements with the providers listed below.

UTC Faculty-Led Programs:

Currently, this program option is available during summer terms, spring break, and occasionally winter break. Students join fellow UTC students under the direction of a UTC faculty member who teaches a UTC course, leads excursions and field trips, and travels with the student group for the duration of the study abroad program. If you are interested in a faculty-led trip, you should reach out to the respective department to find out how to sign up.

Doing Business in the Balkans (College of Business) - May 2019

Doing Business in Germany & German Culture (College of Business) May 2019

Myths and Legends Come to Life - Rome, Italy (Classics) - Spring Break 2019

Doing Business in Mexico & Mexican Culture (College of Business)

Argentina (College of Business)


China (Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Sociology)

France (College of Business/French)

Haiti (Physical Therapy)

Hungary (History)



Kenya (College of Business)

Scotland (Geology)

Spain (Spanish)

Non-UTC Affiliate Programs:

These programs are very similar to the UTC affiliate programs, above, except in this case UTC does not have an affiliate agreement with these specific providers. This does not mean that UTC students cannot participate in their programs. UTC students do elect to participate in provider programs in which UTC is not directly affiliated. Examples of these programs include IES Abroad, IPSL, USAC, Semester at Sea, and others.

Direct Enroll:

In certain situations, UTC students have elected to direct enroll with an overseas university that they find on their own. Students who elect to do this are normally seeking out universities that UTC and/or providers do not have a presence at. Students who elect to do a direct enroll option will remain enrolled as a UTC student, but will pay tuition, room & board, and all other fees directly to the overseas host university (i.e. the direct enroll university). Students participating in a direct enroll study abroad must complete all the necessary UTC study abroad paperwork prior to their departure. In the past, UTC students have done direct enrolls at universities such as: Murdoch Univeristy (Australia), University of Amsterdam (Netherlands), and University of Oulu (Finland).