Pregnant and Parenting Students

UTC’s Policy on Educational Accommodations for Pregnant Students provides for the following accommodations for pregnancy, recovery from childbirth, and other related conditions:

  • Reasonable adjustments to an educational program or activity, such as:
    • A larger desk.
    • Allowing more frequent trips to the restroom.
  • Excused absences, as long as the student’s physician deems the absences medically necessary;
  • Makeup work missed due to medically-necessary absences;
  • Makeup in-class participation points for time missed due to medically-necessary absences.

How to Request an Accommodation

  • Contact the Office of the Dean of Student’s Student Outreach and Support at (423) 425-4301 or at and advise that accommodations due to pregnancy are needed.
  • Discuss the accommodations needed with Student Outreach and Support.
  • Submit a letter from your physician to the Title IX Coordinator at The letter must include the dates of excused attendance and a statement from the physician that the absences are medically-necessary.

New Mothers Room

UTC has a new mothers’ room available on the first floor of the University Center.  The room has a changing table and a wash station and can be used as a comfortable place for a nursing mother to pump breastmilk. To locate the new mothers room, please reference the University Center’s first floor map, available here

If you have any questions or concerns about accommodations for pregnant and parenting students, please contact UTC’s Title IX Coordinator, Stephanie Rowland via phone at (423) 425-4255 or via email at