The More You Know...Student Health Services Outreach Programs



Outreach to the Community

Presentations on a wide variety of health topics, including sexual health, alcohol and other drugs, nutrition, body image, eating disorders, tobacco, sexual assault and more are available to your student organization, student group or classroom. If you are an instructor at the university and have a conference to go to or have a conflict with one of your scheduled classes, let us come to your class.

Educational materials on health issues are available through the Student Health Services. Written information is an essential tool to support people in taking control of their health and being informed consumers.

Student Education

Health educators work in partnership with the clinician staff to help students learn about self-care and healthy lifestyles. By making an appointment with one of the UTC health educators, you can talk to them about STIs, contraception, alcohol and other drugs, acquaintance rape issues, eating disorders, body image, nutrition, cholesterol and vegetarian eating. 

Learn More About Sexual Health

Healthy sexuality means making informed decisions that are consistent with your personal beliefs and values. Achieving a sense of comfort and fulfillment in your sexuality and participating or refusing to participate in sexual behaviors is also integral to maintaining sexual health.

We invite you to explore the information we have provided to answer many common questions about sexual health.  If you have additional questions or would like to offer a program focusing on sexual health to your student organization or group, please email

All About Nutrition

An important mission of Student Health Services is to provide nutrition education and counseling for the MOCS community. Our Nutrition services provide reliable and evidence based nutrition information to guide one in achieving a balanced, healthy approach to dietary and eating issues. This is accomplished by giving students, faculty and staff access to practical nutrition information in a variety of formats as well as advocating for a healthy food and eating issues environment.

If you have additional questions or would like to offer a program focusing on nutritional health to your organization or group, please email