Connections to our Community

Leverage Facility Investments.  How do we see the greatest impacts from projects like a new housing project, parking structure, executive education center, and intramural sports complex? 

A UTC Task Force has examined Intramural Sports and will recommend the planning and construction of an Intramural Sports Complex near Engel Stadium.  How do we leverage this investment to add value to our community?

We have a great need for affordable student housing that is within walking distance to campus.  We need the help of our community to assist, challenge, and engage with our campus if we are to make the best decisions for our students, for UTC, Chattanooga, and our region. 

UTC has taken ownership of the two state office buildings on McCallie – executive training center for our College of Business.  What programs make sense to help local businesses?  We have already conducted a market study and are looking to move forward with several new programs this coming fall. 

Academic Program Development.  What are the areas we should be considering for new degrees and certificates?  Are there unmet needs in our region?  Where do we see a shortage of trained individuals and how does UTC help address this need.  If we cannot help, or it does not fit our strengths or mission, we must invite others to the table who can provide what our community needs. 

Development of Centers of Excellence. development of new centers and institutes on campus.  We have asked for ideas that are interdisciplinary, impact the education of our students, and add value to our community. 

UTC must be an Active Partner in the Growth of the Arts in Chattanooga.  We must continue to develop programs in the arts that impact our community and help to make this an even better place to live.  An Active Healthy Arts Community is directly tied to a healthy economy and livable community. 

Our Community is a Learning Laboratory for our Students and Faculty.  Internship and co-op programs give our students real-world experience and prepare them for the work force. 

Community Service.  UTC will be looking for additional opportunities to harness the strength of our campus to help our community through community service.  We already do this, but not in a focused fashion.

Community Liaison.  Members of the Chancellor’s Roundtable have been helpful in looking at where and how UTC can better engage with our community.  One of their main recommendations is to create a position to manage Community Contacts with the university.  I agree with their advice and we will create such a position. We will create the bridge between business and the university.  And when you ask of us, you will get a quick, informative response.

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