Strategic Planning Action Committees

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Point People: John Delaney and Jocelyn Sanders
A. Provide an external curricular experience for every student that includes one or more opportunities such as service learning, clinical experience, co-operative education Dee Dee Anderson
Stuart Benkert
Herb Burhenn, co-chair
Sandy Cole
Amy Doolittle
Hugh Prevost
Valerie Radu
Mary Tanner, co-chair
Department Heads
2 students - one commuter and one residential
B. Provide richer connections to campus for students with faculty and staff John Delaney, co-chair
Yancy Freeman
Rick Hart
Jayne Holder
Jocelyn Sanders, co-chair
Gavin Townsend
C. Provide institutional support to ensure student success by strengthening undergraduate and graduate education and advising Stephanie Bellar
Jim Bowman
Fran Bender, co-chair
Richard Brown, co-chair
Amy Davis
Jim Hicks
Gale Iles
Linda Orth
Craig Reddock
Joyce Smith
D. Enhance UTC accessibility for students in region and state Beth Dodd
Yancy Freeman
Dick Gruetzemacher, co-chair
Debbie Parker, co-chair
Joe Wilferth
E. Identify and support distinctive academic programs and administrative and support units Academic Affairs
Stephanie Bellar
Distinctive Tast Force
Executive Team
Yancy Freeman
Greg Heath
Phil Oldham, chair
Debbie Parker
Verbie Prevost
Sean Richards
John Riddell
II. Partnerships for Education and Research
Point people: Phil Oldham and Peggy Kovach
A. Provide centralized administrative support to coordinate research efforts to eliminate disincentives and stimulate scholarship Deborah McAllister
Diane Miller, co-chair
Phil Oldham, co-chair
Sean Richards

B. Identify, develop and deliver educational and research initiatives that build on UTC strengths and meet needs of Chattanooga region.

Combined with IIA.

Deborah Arfken
David Eichenthal, co-chair
Anne Gamble
Phil Kazemersky
Harriet Neely
Meredith Perry, co-chair
John Riddell
Sarah Sanderfur
Bill Tharp
C. Expand and create new global/international relationships and partnerships to enhance course offerings, faculty research and scholarships Nesli Alp
Nancy Amberson
Stephanie Bellar
Jeff Clark
Ralph Covino
Beth Dodd
Aniekan Ebiefung
Lucien Ellington
Yancy Freeman
Ignatius Fomunung
Zibin Guo
Bryan Hampton
Bento Lobo, co-chair
Tara Mathis
Darrell Meece
Mark Mendenhall
Diane Miller
Lyn Perkey
Hugh Prevost, co-chair
Valerie Radu
Irven Resnick
Richard Rice
Kit Rushing
Catherine Smith
Vicki Steinberg
Talia Walsh
Joe Wilferth
Jane Womack
Add community
D. Sustain programs of excellence in the arts that build on and contribute to cultural resources of the region Bob Boyer
Roland Carter
Matt Greenwell, co-chair
Ruth Grover
Lee Harris, co-chair
Karen Henderson
Paul Shurtz
Kim Wheetley
III. Partnerships for Diversity  
Point People: Barbara Wofford and Bob Lyon  
A. Promote UTC Office of Multicultural Affairs and enactment of its mission John Delaney, chair
Tara Mathis
Cynthia Wallace
Panhellenic representative

B. Write post-Geier Statement of Commitment to Diversity and Equal Opportunity for UTC

This committee has completed its work.

Yancy Freeman
Courtney Hoss
Valerah Hodges
Karen McGuffee
Nancy Owens
Vanasia Parks, co-chair
Mary Roland

C. Reactivate, rename, refocus the Minority Affairs Committee

Note: This committee has been combined with IIIA.

D. Recruit and retain a quality, diverse faculty, staff, student body Hinsdale Bernard
Richard Brown
Richard Casavant, co-chair
John Delaney
Lyn Miles
Phil Oldham
Debbie Parker
Verbie Prevost
Valerie Rutledge
Person from athletics
E. Expand integration of diversity training in academic curricula beyond single courses Verbie Prevost, Chair
Council of Department Heads
F. Partner with regional community in diversity programs Dee Dee Anderson, chair
Pat Branam
Nicole Brown
Jocelyn Hogg
Theresa Liedtka
Mary Scott
G. Improve physical access to all campus programs and activities by designing, constructing, and/or retrofitting universally designed facilities and infrastructure Tom Ellis, chair
Jim Pulliam
Michelle Rigler
IV. Enabling Partnerships  
Point People: (A-G) Chuck Cantrell, Richard Brown  
A. Enhance UTC's role as metropolitan institution Chuck Cantrell, chair
April Cox
Terry Denniston
Emily McKay
B. Develop and implement a resource allocation plan based on priorities set by the strategic plan Roger Brown, chair
Richard Brown
Chuck Cantrell
Phil Oldham
C. Implement a formal process for evaluating UTC's implementation of strategic plan Karen Adsit
Deborah Arfken, chair
Terry Denniston
Dick Gruetzemacher
Chris Tanis
D. Provide appropriate technology for instruction/learning, promote scholarship innovation, participate in economic development, and provide service that support students, faculty, staff Karen Adsit, co-chair
Gayle Barrett
Virginia Cairns
Kit Rushing
Clint Smullen
Monty Wilson, co-chair
Kathy Winters
E. Cultivate environment of openness, integrity, appreciation and inclusiveness in decision making Fran Bender
Roger Brown
Chuck Cantrell
Barbara Medley, chair
Dan Webb
F. Articulate UTC's identity as metropolitan university to campus, regional and state constituencies. Aggressively communicate its quality, student-centered approach, accessibility, services, and successes. Richard Brown
Stephanie Bellar
Chuck Cantrell, chair
Cindy Carroll
April Cox
Yancy Freeman
Phil Oldham
Chris Tanis
G. Expand ongoing alumni involvement and participation Pat Branam
Jayne Holder, chair
Debbie Ingram
Patrick Miles
Diane Welch
Kim White
Point People: (H-M) Rick Hart, Debbie Parker  
H. Connect UTC to environmental city of Chattanooga, enhance UTC's distinctiveness by establishing it as the most environmentally sustainable campus in the state; provide a campus that is safe, accessible, appealing, responsive to 21st century instruction, learning, research Sarah Boykin
Linda Collins, chair
Hill Craddock
Jim Pulliam
Bradley Reynolds
Doug Silver
I. Aggressively recruit and retain faculty and staff of highest quality who are committed to individual excellence and who bring distinctiveness to UTC Richard Brown
Herb Burhenn
Richard Casavant
Theresa Liedtka
Phil Oldham, chair
Will Sutton
Mary Tanner
Dan Webb
J. Provide fiscal, library and other resources to support student, faculty and staff research, creative and scholarly activity Theresa Liedtka, chair
Harriet Neely
Gavin Townsend
K. Strengthen current graduate programs by increasing the number and amount of graduate assistantships to competitive national levels Nesli Alp
Stephanie Bellar, chair
Hinsdale Bernard
Mike Biderman
Vicki Petzko
L. Provide an intercollegiate athletics program that exhibits the highest level of student academic success, integrity, and competiveness Fran Bender
Danny Grant
Rick Hart, chair
Steven Hood
Mike Jones
Laura Mincy
Sandy Zitkus
M. Expand, enhance, and diversify UTC's financial resources while continuing responsible stewardship Richard Brown, co-chair
John Delaney
John Garrett
Danny Grant
Bob Lyon
Phil Oldham, co-chair
Debbie Parker
Cindee Pulliam