Partnerships for Diversity

Embrace, celebrate, and sustain a campus community that is inclusive of diversity in all forms—people, ideas, and culture.

Post-Geier funds enabled the campus to renovate space in the University Center and open an attractive new Multicultural Center with a staff person dedicated to mounting programs and activities. A committee developed a new statement to reflect UTC’s commitment to diversity. As a note of caution, the FSWD Study found that faculty think support for minority faculty is minimal.  In a year of fiscal constraints and virtually no hiring, UTC maintained level retention rates for faculty but dipped slightly with staff and undergraduate students. The number of graduate students of diversity increased. Remarkable progress was made in improving the physical access of the campus and ensuring ADA-compliance through the use of  Braille signage for UC meeting rooms, handrails at a steep site, elevator upgrades or replacements, and the purchase of a van accessible for students with physical needs.

Initiative 3 (Partnerships for Diversity) Key Indicators

Resources Allocated for Diversity Efforts 2007 2008
  $734,600 $704,500

A. Promote the existing Office of Multicultural Affairs and its mission.

  • Appointed a staff member to the role of director of the office.
  • Established and furnished a new Multicultural Center/Women’s Center in the University Center
Student Visits to the Center 2007 2008
  N/A      1871
  • Conducted diversity exercises for Freshmen Seminar classes
  • Completed multi-cultural survey                 

B. Write a post-Geier Statement of commitment to diversity and equal opportunity

  • Completed post-Geier statement of commitment to diversity and access.

C. Reactivate, rename, refocus the Minority Affairs committee

  • Combined this committee with III.A.

D. Recruit and retain a quality, diverse faculty, staff, and student body

  • Encouraged campus participation of four faculty in the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities’ annual fall conference in Cincinnati.
Diversity Among: Faculty Staff Undergraduate Students Graduate Students
2007 44 (11%) 161 (25.4%)  1924 (23.5%) 194 (14%)
2008 44 (10.6%) 145 (23.6) 1837 (21.8%) 202 (14.4%)

E. Expand integration of diversity training into the academic curriculum beyond single courses

  • Discussed initiative at Academic Departments Heads meeting

F. Partner with regional community in diversity programs

  • Reviewed proposal for a Community Engagement office
  • Heard report from Development Office concerning diversity funding
  • Partnered with Access and Diversity Committee to fund initiatives

G. Improve physical access to all campus programs and activities via ADA-compliant facilities/infrastructures.

  • Completed 90 percent of an accessibility audit of current facilities and infrastructure
  • Completed a wayfinding master plan
  • Added handrails at Oak St. and Danforth Chapel
  • Implemented the elevator upgrade and replacement capital project, bringing elevators in ADA-compliance
  • Purchased a wheelchair-accessible van for use by students with disabilities
  • Established campus ADA committee
  • Installed a campus tactile map in front of the UC