Enabling Partnerships

Create a learning, work, and community environment by enabling and supporting the University’s strategic direction and mission through efficient use of human, fiscal, physical, and communication resources.

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching affirmed UTC’s mission in fall 2008 by awarding it recognition as a community engagement institution under both eligible categories: curricular engagement and outreach/partnerships. A 2008 survey of faculty, staff, and administration indicated that an overwhelming percentage agrees with this mission. The budget process was fine-tuned and made even more accessible to the UTC community. When asked to assess their level of satisfaction with employment at UTC and their careers here, faculty, staff and administration were very positive. Most faculty are satisfied with the tenure process but would like more teaching support. Gains have been made in improving internal communications and media placement, and UTC has increased its outreach to alumni with new and innovative activities. The campus continues to receive accolades for its landscaping and accessibility efforts. There were no salary increases in 2007 and 2008, a source of disappointment. Moreover, because of budget constraints, a large number of faculty lines remain unfilled, and library resources are crippled. While these are challenging situations, the University may find it easier to address the concern expressed by faculty and staff about the lack of employee recognition, valuation, and reward. Athletics reports good news, however; there are major improvements in donor funding, increased grade point averages of student athletes, and winning seasons for many sports. While funding was constrained during the first year of implementing the Strategic Plan, there are some bright spots: the University of Chattanooga Foundation developed a new funding model that will be highly supportive of UTC’s academic programs; and the SimCenter received $17 million in private gifts for a National Center for Computation Engineering.

Initiative 4 (Enabling Partnerships) Key Indicators

A. Enhance UTC’s role as a metropolitan institution

  • Hired an assistant provost for research and engagement
  • Accepted new criteria for partnerships and suggestions for naming the office on community engagement as recommended by an ad hoc UPRAC committee
  • Held conversations with the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce to integrate UTC into business recruitment plan and activities
  • Submitted successful application to Carnegie Foundation for elective classification as a community engaged institution in the categories of curricular engagement and outreach/partnerships.
  • Found that initial results of the Strategic Plan survey indicate a high level of understanding and acceptance of the metropolitan mission. Results also indicate faculty and staff members place value on the metropolitan mission to student learning
Agreement with Mission Statement 2007 2008
Faculty N/A* 81%
Staff N/A* 78.5
Administration N/A* 81

B. Develop and implement a resource development plan based on priorities set by the Strategic Plan

  • Established UPRAC as a budget and fiscal allocation advisory mechanism
  • Provided budget and financial planning review for SGA, Faculty Senate, Full Faculty Meeting, UT Board of Trustees, and UTC local Trustees.
  • Enhanced budget and financial accountability and disclosure accomplished by publishing budget materials online
  • Provided monthly campus updates on budget and allocations process.
  • Responded to 2008-09 budget reduction of $2.6 million
  • Responded to mid-year 2009 budget reduction of 3.5%, $1.4 million
  • Responded to 2009 -10 budget reductions of additional 10.4%, $4.5 million
  • Implemented an “Efficiency and Effectiveness” Task Force for strategic cost savings directions and feedback.Visit the EEC website.

C. Implement a formal process of evaluating UTC’s implementation of a strategic plan

  • Established evaluation standards, using 2007 as base line, and format for year #1 report

D. Provide appropriate technology for instruction/learning, scholarship, economic, development, support services

  • Created draft plan with measurable outcomes

E. Cultivate environment of openness, integrity, appreciation, inclusiveness in decision-making

  • Developed and administered three sets of surveys for faculty, administrators, staff
  • Developed and administered telephone interviews with students
Employee Satisfaction with UTC Job 2007 2008
Faculty 71 (TT); 61 (t)* 86.5 (agree, highly agree)
Staff 69 86.7
Administration 72 86.5
Employee Satisfaction with UTC Career 2007 2008
Faculty 61 82.4 (agree, highly agree)
Staff 69 74.8
Administration 72 78.8
I Feel Valued as Part of UTC 2007 2008
Faculty N/A N/A**
Staff N/A 70.4% (Agree, highly agree)
Administration N/A 74.8
UTC Has Transparent Decision-making Process 2007 2008
Faculty N/A 23.7%
Staff N/A 23%
Administration N/A 28%

* From UT employee satisfaction survey.
** Faculty were not asked this question.

F. Articulate UTC’s identity as metropolitan university. Aggressively communicate its quality, student-centered approach, accessibility, service, and successes

  • Revised the marketing plan to emphasize new priorities in recruiting transfer students, graduate students, and readmitted upper-level undergraduate students.
  • Found initial review of Strategic Plan survey indicates high level of understanding and acceptance of the metropolitan mission. Results also indicate that faculty and staff members place a value on the metropolitan mission to student learning.
Agreement with UTC Mission 2007 2008
Faculty N/A* 81 % (agree, highly agree)
Staff N/A* 78.5%
Administration N/A* 81*

* There is a related question in the UT employee satisfaction survey.

  • Participated (the Office of Communications and Marketing) in a system-wide contract with Vocus Communications that provides a comprehensive list of daily news placements in local, regional, and national media outlets, including newspapers, Web news sites, TV, and selected specialty publications.
Satisfaction with UTC Internal Communications 2007 2008
Faculty N/A 63.5% (Agree, highly agree)
Staff N/A 63.3
Administration N/A 55.1
  • Indicated via news released that the 2009 freshman class will be larger with a better academic profile than previous classes.
Prospective Freshman Class Profile 2007 2008
Applications 5209 5849
Yield 45% 45.2%
Average ACT Score 22 22.4
  • Identified, despite budget cuts, new funding to support a recruitment/awareness print advertising campaign that promotes the success of UTC alumni.

G. Expand ongoing alumni involvement and participation

  • Held 30+ events, sent online and U. S. mail newsletters, established blog
  • Established a GOLD Council for alumni of last 10 years
  • Surveyed young alumni
  • Initiated "blue and gold" annual fund mailing

H. Connect UTC to environmental city of Chattanooga; enhance UTC’s distinctiveness by establishing it as the most environmentally sustainable campus in the state; provide a campus that is safe, accessible, appealing, responsive to 21st instruction, learning, research.

  • Submitted proposal to University administration for energy audit
  • Placed recycle bins in all dormitories and the University Center
  • Replaced 30 exterior lighting fixtures on Cardiac Hill and Vine Street at the Fine Arts Building
  • Hired graduate assistant to inventory and map all campus trees in preparation to qualify as a state-certified arboretum
  • UTC signed Campus Climate Agreement

I. Aggressively recruitment/retain faculty and staff of highest quality

  • Made formal request to THEC to modify UTC peer group
  • Developed CUPA data using national master’s-comprehensive classification as benchmark

J. Provide fiscal, library and other resources to support student, faculty, staff research, creative, and scholarly activity

Need to Prioritize Research and 
Its Support to Accomplish Mission Statement
2007 2008
Faculty N/A 78.3% (agree, highly agree)
Staff N/A 61.9%
Administration N/A 68.1%
  • Worked with UT libraries, Tenn-Share, TN Electronic Library to increase access to resources and services.
  • Surveyed constituencies regarding satisfaction with resources, services, facilities
  • Compiled informal wish list of database and serial resources
  • Implemented a Subject Liaison Program to enhance communication with departments
  • Benchmarked expenditures/staffing resources against four sets of peers
  • Engaged in study of needed resources for new library

K. Strengthen graduate programs by increasing the number/amount of graduate assistantships to competitive national levels

  • Collected data for GAs in southeastern universities
  • Sponsored state-wide consortium to pursue National Science Foundation funding (AGEP) for assistantships to enhance diversity in doctoral programs in TN and prepare students for the professoriate
  • Recommended add-on stipends for most competitive disciplines/programs
  • Increased graduate enrollment
  • Increased the number of graduate degrees conferred
Graduate Students Enrolled 2007 2008
  1363 1402
Graduate Degrees Conferred 2007 2008
  428 461

L. Provide an intercollegiate athletics programs of highest level of student academic success, integrity, competitiveness

  • Increased GPA of athletes from 2.61 to 2.62
Student Athletes’ GPA 2007 2008
  2.61 2.62
  • Hired new football coach who is committed to academics and increasing graduation rate of players
  • Improved winning record in women's soccer and volleyball
  • Increased attendance: 3% in men's basketball; 7.7% in women's basketball; 34% in women's soccer; 1% in volleyball; 11.6% in men's wrestling
Attendance at Athletic Events 2007 2008
Men’s basketball 4,233 (includes UT game) 3,939
Women’s basketball 1,578 2,089 (includes UT game)
Women’s soccer 208 278
Women’s volleyball 226 230
Men’s wrestling 343 394
  • Increased donor funding by 25%, including pledges.
Donor Funding for Athletics 2007 2008
  $816,848 $972,814*

* Doesn’t include uncollected pledges.

  • Restructured Mocs Club and development efforts
  • Initiated new partnership with Learfield Sports and Mocs Sports Properties
  • Restructured staff responsibilities; eliminated assistant director for external operations; eliminated one administrative staff position

M. Expand, enhance, diversify UTC’s financial resources while continuing responsive stewardship

  • Received $24.7 million via Grants/Research funding.
  • Received $6 million from local foundations to support UTC SimCenter as it becomes a national center.
  • Received $734,600 for diversity efforts from state appropriations.
  • Accepted proportion of $12 million from UT System to all campuses for Banner Project over two-year period.
  • Received via Auxiliary services increased returns with new student enrollment.
  • Accepted $4.5 million from UC Foundation in its spending plan.
  • Received $2 million from donor to Athletics and College of Business.
  • Raised $46 million via Development Office efforts for total capital campaign, including gift above.
  • Negotiated UTC management of South Campus project, which returns $200,000 annually.
  • Allocated $50,000 for SACS accreditation purposes.
  • Dedicated $625,000 in permanent funding from enrollment growth.