Implementing the Strategic PlanYear 1 Report

Critical partnerships – a Pathway to Excellence – guides the direction, decisions, and actions of The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, an engaged metropolitan university. This strategic plan for 2008-2013 establishes four key initiatives that focus on excellence in teaching, research, and service as the University dedicates itself to meeting the diverse needs of the region through critical partnerships and community involvement.

Read more about the progress we have made in each of our four key areas of initiatives or critical partnerships by selecting the links below.

After a year of study in 2007, preceded by earlier efforts in 2003 and 2004, three task forces and a planning council formulated goals and activities for the strategic plan, which was subsequently presented t the university community in November 2007 and approved by the Board of Trustees. Implementation began in January 2008 with the establishment of 28 action committees for each identified activity. This annual report presents an overview of the accomplishments of these committees during their first year of work ending December 2008 with data provided from the Faculty/Staff Worklife and Diversity Study (FSWDS) that was conducted in fall 2008.

Supplemental Documents and Data

Concluding Remarks

As you can see from the many accomplishments, the first year of implementing the Strategic Plan was fruitful. UTC followed its motto: “We Shall Achieve.” Where do we go next? The 28 action committees are currently implementing year 2 of the Strategic Plan. Some of the next initiatives include the following:

      • Developing external curricular experiences for every students
      • Implementing a formal service-learning structure and a civic/community engagement program
      • Submission of a proposal to the UC Foundation for development of General Education courses for online delivery
      • Conducting monthly roundtable discussion for faculty/staff engaged in community projects
      • Completing the 2009-2010 budget
      • Gaining approval of the technology plan
      • Launching the new UTC News Center Web site
      • Completing an online fundraising appeal to young alumni
      • Identifying resources to improve faculty compensation
      • Evaluating the use and effectiveness of services/facilities
      • Rebalance UTC’s financial position, aligning it with the Strategic Plan, focusing on the SACS self study and QEP, and considering the effect of stimulus funds