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UTC event taking place in Chamberlain Field

UTC Marketplace is a process for individual departments to have an online conference registration and payment portal, available through a partnership between the SET (Strategic Enrollment Technology) team and the Bursar’s Office.

 How To Get Started

Please complete this form and submit to Strategic Enrollment Technology:


  • Information that will be needed to complete the form:
    1. Name of event
    2. Campus Department
    3. Contact person
    4. Date of event
    5. Date registration needs to be live
    6. Cost per registrant (if any)

 Pricing and Services

The department hosting the conferences is responsible for paying the credit card service fees in addition to a small fee to cover the cost of set up and processing. The service fee outlined below covers both the credit card service fee and cost of set up and processing.  All fee amounts will be rounded up to whole dollars.

The fee is $1 per every $10 being charged to participants. $1 to $10 = $1, $11 to $20 = $2, $21 to $30 = $3, and so on.


Pricing Examples:

  • A department is hosting a fair with tickets that cost $10. The service fee would be $1 on that ticket, so the total cost to the attendee would be $11.
  • A campus organizaton brings a speaker onto campus and charges $25 per seat. The service fee would be $3 per seat, bringing the total cost for the attendee to $28.
  •  A student services office is holding a symposium that costs $100 for a 3-day pass. The service fee would be $10 per attendee, so the total cost for the pass would be $110.


This fee will be added on as a “Service Charge” on the registrant’s invoice/bill.

If the department is not charging a fee to the participants, a $1 per participant fee with minimum amount of $250 will be charged to the department to provide services listed below. This amount can be paid by the requesting department with a transfer voucher to SET. If the registration process is extremely complex additional fees may be required.

  • Services provided for the fee:
    1. Individual appointments with SET Team to set up and test your online conference registration.
    2. The creation of a custom online conference registration form.
    3. The creation of a custom invoice/receipt.
    4. The email distribution of invitations to your conference, registration confirmation, payment reminders and a reminder about the event.
    5. Access to the registration system with personalized views to monitor the registrations and see the data you need in real time.
    6. Technical assistance with any conference registration issues.
    7. The collection of conference registration fees and the daily reconciliation of those fees with the Bursar’s office.
    8. Transfer of funds from bursar’s office to your department at agreed upon times.