STEM Research Summer Internship (SRSI) Program

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STEM Research Summer Internship (SRSI) Program Application

Internship Information

    Funded by a Robert Noyce grant from the National Science Foundation, the SRSI Program aims to engage STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) students in educationally purposeful activities that allow them the opportunity to examine their interest in and disposition for teaching science in middle or high schools during their freshmen or sophomore years.

    STEM Research Summer Interns (SRSIs) will work for 20 hours each week for 8 weeks with a UTC faculty member in a STEM department to assist with his or her research. At the end of the internship, the SRSI and faculty member must prepare either an academic conference paper or peer reviewed journal article to disseminate their findings. Funding is available for the intern to travel to present research findings at an appropriate peer reviewed STEM conference. Timesheets and culminating report must be submitted to the UNSP PI and Co-PI, Dr. Sandy Watson and Dr. Stephen Kuhn. The SRSI must complete a journal during their internship. Hours will be scheduled according to faculty member schedule. Interns will be paid $10 an hour. Students may reapply for an additional internship.

Selection Criteria

    Priority will be given to exceptionally talented students who demonstrate academic merit through both cumulative and content-based GPA, (2) Consideration will be given to applicants who demonstrate financial need, (3) Consideration will also be given to those individuals identified as underrepresented in the STEM disciplines. Awards will usually be made in early spring for the following summer. UNSP Summer Internship recipients who fall below the minimum GPA requirements will be notified and will lose their funding. When reviewing application packets and interview results, special consideration will be given to individuals identified as minorities, persons with disabilities, and underrepresented individuals relative to specific teaching areas (e.g., women in physics).
Application Deadline: January 30th

    UTeaChattanooga faculty (Use Recommendation form). These letters must be received by the application deadline.
Decisions: Decisions will be announced February 20th
Decisions will be made by the UNSP Summer Internship Selection Committee. This committee will be comprised of the PI, the Co-PI, members of the UTeaChattanooga Steering Committee, Advisory Council, internship stakeholders, and at least one master teacher.
Submission: All required materials must be submitted as a complete packet to:
UTeaChattanooga Attn. Dr. Sandy Watson
Collins Street Annex #110
615 McCallie Ave. Dept. 7156 Chattanooga, TN 37403

UNSP Summer Internship Application

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