2016 Tennessee STEM Innovation Summit


mary prince standing by a learning blade exhibit table

The STEM Innovation Summit brings together educators who all have a passion for STEM Education. This Spring, Mary Prince went to the 2016 Tennessee STEM Innovation Summit to represent STEM Education through her internship with Learning Blade.

"Learning Blade is an online game-based website that allows for students to learn about STEM careers while reinforcing standards. Learning Blade is aligned with Tennessee middle school standards and is free for all schools in Tennessee. The teachers who spoke explained how they use Learning Blade in their STEM courses as a way to get students thinking about STEM careers and courses they hope to take. Some teachers use it as homework, and others have incorporated it into their daily instruction."

mary prince standing by a learning blade exhibit table

She had the opportunity to learn about several different tools that can be used to make a classroom STEM-based. She attended a session called Engineering the Future Using 3D Printing where she learned how one teacher used a 3D Printer in her class. 

"I was shocked to discover students in the 6th grade are designing and 3D printing car prototypes...the students had to not only design a car that would move, but also meet the desires of their customer."