Rock Boxes

Thanks to a generous donation from the family of Helen Solomon “The Rock Lady”, UTC STEM Ed. Department is compiling Solomon’s Mine, a free, geology resource for area teachers. The resource set will be a collection of rock, mineral and soil samples along with games and hands-on activities on different themes in geology.  Teaches will be able to check out boxes for use with classes and return them when finished.  It is our hope that this resource will save teachers time, money and space.  We will also offer free PD to aid teachers in discovering and practicing with these materials.   Box titles include:

Igneous         Sedimentary         Metamorphic         Tennessee  Resources

Commercial Uses of Rocks and Minerals           Fossils            Salts from Around the World

Erosion          The Rock Cycle         Mineral ID         Density  

(More boxes to be added over time)

Adjunct professor Laura Federico and Noyce intern Eric Swales are preparing boxes, gathering activities and aligning to standards (current and future).  If you are interested in using these materials and/or attending PD once scheduled, please contact Laura Federico at