The STEM Education program is looking for teachers currently working in K-12 classrooms who are willing to share their expertise and experience by having STEM Education undergraduates assist in their classrooms. STEM Education undergraduates are math or science majors who are interested in exploring the possibility of pursuing a math or science teaching career.

Who are Mentor Teachers?

Throughout the STEM Education program, most of the professional development courses require the placement of our students in an active classroom with excellent, experienced teachers. In the first two courses, Step 1 and Step 2, this experience is intended not only to provide the students with practical teaching experience, but also the opportunity to evaluate the teaching profession. Step 1 students are placed in elementary school classrooms, Step 2 students are placed in middle school classrooms, and students in later courses in the program are placed in high school classrooms.


Who do I contact if I’m interested in becoming a Mentor Teacher?

Mark Harvey



Be sure to check out our Mentor Teacher FAQ