UTSM 4020- Apprentice Teaching

The purpose of Apprentice Teaching is to offer UTeaChattanooga students a culminating experience that provides them with the tools needed for their first teaching jobs. In Apprentice Teaching, students are immersed in the expectations, processes, and rewards of teaching. When making placements, UTeaChattanooga master teachers consider each apprentice teacher’s characteristics and abilities as well as the cooperating teacher’s teaching and mentoring styles. The hope is that the complementary strengths of the UTeaChattanooga apprentice teacher and cooperating teacher will generate a synergism that benefits both people professionally. Embedded within Apprentice Teaching is a seminar component which is taught by Master Teachers, who share their teaching experiences and facilitate discussions, helping apprentice teachers develop their own successful teaching identities. The Apprentice Teaching seminar embedded within the Apprentice Teaching course, provides a supportive environment where apprentice teachers share their experiences and work on solutions to difficulties they are experiencing. The seminar is a good forum for students to get the guidance they consistently want on classroom management. The seminar objectives and activities are aligned with Tennessee Teacher Licensure Standards. The apprentice teachers demonstrate that they meet the state standards by preparing and submitting a final portfolio. Apprentice teachers concentrate on teaching lessons each week in which they demonstrate competency of particular state standards. Apprentice Teaching is a six-credit-hour course.

6 Credit Hours

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Checkpoint 3, and all but at most two content courses successfully completed, and a passing score on the preliminary portfolio.


Course Sequence Overview