STEM 3010

Perspectives on Science and Mathematics


Introduction to the historical, social and philosophical implications of the nature of science/mathematics and how to integrate this information into the curriculum to enhance learning. Emphasis will be placed on assessment techniques and developmentally appropriate strategies and materials. Classroom diagnostic and prescriptive teaching; linking secondary science and mathematics, assessment, decision-making and instruction; in-depth study of selected assessment instruments, instructional strategies, materials, and management procedures in science and mathematics education. Students are also expected to demonstrate a vision of scientific literacy that connects theory to practice. Every semester. Prerequisites: University, STEM, and major department grade point averages of at least 2.75; ENGL 1020  or UHON 1020 and completion of all 1000-level major courses with a minimum grade of C; STEM 2020 with a minimum grade of C or STEM Education program director approval. Admission to the STEM Education program. 

The perspectives class took a few trips around Chattanooga to explore what they learned in the classroom. Here are a few things they did:

  • Geology walk on Signal Mountain (see photos)
  • Booth at the Chattanooga Market teaching Egyptian hieroglyphic math to locals
  • Studied astronomy at STEM School Chattanooga using telescopes and the planetarium
students standing by a row with professor looking at a waterfall
students standing by a cliff looking at the view of chattanooga
side of a cliff