Alignment with UTC Strategic Plan

The Southeast Center for Education in the Arts is committed to engaging all students every day. We focus on the community engagment mission of UTC through collaborating on innovative pedagogy and practice that help PreK-12 educators, arts specialists, teaching artists, and administrators cultivate important life skills for today's learners. To learn more about the UTC strategic plan, please click here.

Goal 1: Transform lives through meaningful learning experiences.


SCEA mentors all teacher candidates in music, theatre, and visual art through providing exemplary student support, experiential learning opportunities in arts education, and service projects that increase access to quality arts teaching and learning for all PreK-12 students across our community.





Goal 2: Inspire, nuture and empower scholarship, creativity, discovery, innovation, and entrepreneurial initiatives.


SCEA impacts our education community through providing professional learning opportunities in arts education, arts integration, STEAM, early learning through the arts, and project-based learning. All of our UTC arts education students positivley impact the community through actively engaging in field work opportunities in partnership with schools and organizations




Goal 3: Ensure stewardship of resources through strategic alignment and investments.


SCEA resources align with high priority programs and endeavors including student recruitment and retention in arts education, graduating high quality arts educators, and increasing access to quality arts teaching and learning through community-based partnerships. We invest in our community through providing professional learning opportunties, model instruction in PreK-12 classrooms across the surrounding area, and arts-based curricular resources.



 Goal 4: Embrace diversity and inclusion as a path to excellence and societal change.


SCEA advisory board members reflect a diversity of occupations, abilities, and cultures. We collaborate with artists from diverse backgrounds and experiences to develop and implement culturally responsive curriculum rooted in arts-based praxis.



Download the UTC Strategic Plan Flipbook Here.