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Transforming education in and through the arts

The Southeast Center for Education in the Arts (SCEA), is a center under the College of Health, Education, and Professional Studies of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga that prepares future arts educators and facilitates professional learning opportunities in and through the arts. We believe arts education contributes towards a well-rounded education through building bridges beyond the classroom and equipping us with ways we can make meaning of the past, embrace the world around us today, and create a flexible future. 

Our Goals:

  • Support varying needs in arts education through faciliating the growth of a diverse network of educators, administrators, and artists. 
  • Cultivate intentional arts learning experiences for all students in every school across the region. 
  • Empower educators, administrators, and artists to collaborate from a place of strength to close opportunity gaps in the arts. 
  • Activate pathways for preparing the next generation of arts educators and providing ongoing professional learning opportunities.



Photos taken by Alex McMahan Photography.