Frequently Asked Questions


When will I start my field placement?

BSW student will begin their field placement hours in the Fall of their Senior year or the summer following their Junior year. Students choosing the summer option will complete all Field requirements in Summer I and Summer II sessions.

Several options are offered for our MSW students to allow for flexibility in completion of the program. Students will have the option of completing Field concurrently with their coursework, choosing a summer field option, or focusing solely on Field Education apart from a coursework schedule. Please contact the Director of Field Education to discuss which option might be best for your learning needs.

How do I get a field placement?

Students will be incited to participate in a Field Fair scheduled for the Spring Semester. Students will visit community agencies in attendance to help determine interest and fit for placement. A meeting will then take place between Director of Field Education and the student to match student with a potential agency for interview. All placements will be coordinated through the Director of Field Education.

How many hours will I spend in my placement?

BSW students will complete 400 hours over the course of two semesters.

Generalist MSW Students will complete 400 hours over the course of two semesters.

Specialized MSW Students will complete 500 hours in a clinical setting over the course of two semesters.

Can I complete my placement where I work?

In some instances, Field Placements may be completed in your place of employment; however, in order to gain a wide range of experience, it is not encouraged. Additionally, specific qualifications must be met in order to complete a placement in a place of employment. Please contact the Director of Field Education to determine if this might be an appropriate option for you.


What exactly is the learning agreement?

Social Work Education is competency based. In order to demonstrate competence in Field, students must complete the Field Learning Agreement which is composed of the 2015 EPAS Competencies. Students will complete their agreement over the course of the Academic Year.


What if I also work?

Working full time is not recommended as students will spend approximately 16-20 hours per week in their field placements.