Application to Field

Application Due Dates

  • Summer and Fall Start Dates: December 1st through February 1st
  • Spring Start Date: November 1st through December 1st

**Students admitted to the MSW program in the Spring semester must submit applications for Field Education by the following due date for a Fall Field Start Date: March 1-May 1

All applications should be submitted to Director of Field Education and no applications will be accepted past the outlined due dates. Failure to submit the Field Education Application will result in a delay of student’s placement. In addition, the student must re-submit an application during the next review cycle.

Application Instruction

  1. Students will complete the appropriate attached application in its entirety.
    • (BSW and 60 Hour MSW) Students will complete the Generalist Application.
    • Advanced Standing MSW Students will complete the Specialist Application.
  2. The following should be included in one email as an attachment:
    • Completed Application Form
    • Resume
    • Essay
    • TBI Waiver Form (instructions included in link below)
  3. Additionally, students must complete the fourth step inside the application (Background Check Process) and results must be received by Director of Field Education before the application deadline.
  4. Students should submit application form, resume, and essay IN ONE EMAIL. Applications that are returned by submitting more than one email will be considered incomplete and will not be reviewed. In addition, applications that are submitted past the deadline will not be reviewed and students will be required to reapply during the next Field Application Cycle. This could result in delayed graduation.

After forms have been reviewed, and background checks received, students will receive an appointment date and time to meet with Director of Field Education to discuss application and admittance or denial into Field Education.
Admittance will be based upon the following:

  • Performance in Pre-Field Seminars (BSW Students ONLY)
  • Ongoing Departmental Professional Fitness Evaluations (For Current Students)
  • Quality of Field Education Application and essay
  • The student’s demonstrated ability to uphold the NASW Code of Ethics

Generalist Field Application

Specialist Field Application

TBI Waiver Instructions

PLEASE NOTE: Students are prohibited from reaching out to internship agencies independently and/or without the permissions if Field Education Director. As a result, students who reach out to, or meet with, agencies prior to receiving approval from director may be excluded from interviewing at that agency. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process, please email Professor April Wilson at
We look forward to your application!