Zachary R. Simoni is an Assistant Professor of Sociology with the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. He teaches Introduction to Sociology and Research Methods as well as a variety of other sociological topics. He joined the department in the Fall of 2019 after serving as a Senior Lecturer for three years with the University of Texas at Dallas. Before that, he received his PhD from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He is driven by a passion for innovative sociological research and inspiring students to develop the sociological imagination.


• PhD Sociology University of Alabama at Birmingham
• MA Sociology Northern Illinois University
• BA Sociology North Central College

Research Interests

I specialize in Medical Sociology. In particular, I use the sociological perspective to study the social determinants of health, the medicalization of society, and the doctor/patient interaction. I am driven by a passion to better understand how social forces affect public health and finding ways to remedy those social problems. Thus, I am keenly interested community health and finding ways to reduce health disparities in the Chattanooga area.

Teaching Philosophy and Interests

I aim to foster critical thinking skills and empathy through active learning and experiential learning teaching methods. I am most passionate about Introduction to Sociology, Research Methods, and the Sociology of Health. I bring a passionate, patient and prepared teaching demeanor to my classes and believe this helps my students reach their academic goals.

Selected Peer-Reviewed Articles

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Zachary R. Simoni. 2017. “Medicalization, Normalization and Performance Edge: Teachers’ Attitudes about ADHD Medication Use and the Influence of Race and Social Class.” Sociological Perspectives: 0731121417691050.

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What do you do for fun?

I love to play guitar and make music. I’m a big fan of classic rock, alternative and jazz. In addition, I stay active and like to run, practice yoga and play hockey whenever I can. Aside from that, I hang out with my wife and our cats.