New Faculty

Ahmet Kule

Dr. Ahmet Kule

Ahmet Kule’s experience in the field of criminal justice is a blend of practitioner’s and scholar’s perspectives. He worked many years in the law enforcement, and has a long career of teaching on an international level. His research has mainly focused on terrorism, national security, and law enforcement. If you are looking for sound and scientific knowledge that works in the real world of criminal justice, Dr. Kule is more than willing to share his experience in a friendly, interactive classroom environment.

Shannon McCarragher

Dr. Shannon McCarragher

My primary research explores the structure and dynamics of vegetation communities in relation to the conservation of biodiversity and human-environment interactions. Broadly, my current research interests include topics related to plant invasion dynamics, forest ecology, restoration and management, soil science, conservation genetics, the environmental impact of climate change on ecosystems, STEM education, women in science, cartography, and wetlands. If any of these topics interest you too, come talk with me!

Shawn Trivette

Dr. Shawn Trivette

Dr. Shawn Trivette is a native of East Tennessee and is excited to be back in the region after many years away, living first in Massachusetts and then in Louisiana. He is a broadly trained sociologist, though his primary research interests focus on environmental sociology and social inequalities. In both his teaching and research, Dr. Trivette seeks to use the tools sociology provides toward solving the problems around us and making the world a better place for everyone. Dr. Trivette enjoys teaching courses ranging from Introduction to Sociology to the senior-capstone Research sequence, and a variety of topical courses in between. Whether his students are sociology majors or simply looking to fulfill a general education course, one of his favorite things is helping students understand the many insights the field of sociology offers to our understanding of the world. In his spare time, Dr. Trivette enjoys gardening, cycling, and taking his dog Abernathy on long hikes.

Chandra Ward

Dr. Chandra Ward

I am new to Chattanooga and UTC and am thrilled to be a part of such a beautiful city and university.  I am an urban sociologist currently completing my dissertation on public housing relocation. Here, I examine changes in place based ties due to public housing relocation and the impact it has on outcomes of well-being.  I have always been interested in issues such as social inequality, in particular.  Growing up on public assistance and attending failing schools have absolutely shaped my perspectives on life and influenced my scholarship.  In all of my scholarship, I seek to uplift and amplify traditionally marginalized voices and perspectives.  My first book, “Voices from the Margins: An introduction to sociology,” exemplifies this goal. This commitment to the centering of marginalized voices, I believe, is important in having a more holistic understanding of society or at the very least initiating conversations towards this goal.

Here at UTC, I am excited to provide students with access to these perspectives as well as a better understanding of their own community. As an urban sociologist, I am excited and interested in the changes happening in and around Chattanooga and how they impact local residents.  I want to engage students in the discipline of sociology and help them to understand the possibilities it offers.  I am looking forward to working with students, local officials, other experts and community stakeholders in problem solving and helping to make Chattanooga a livable place for everybody.