Why Minor in Geography?

UTC Geography minors will have fun exploring the world, while gaining a unique spatial perspective and enhancing geospatial technological skills that inform a wide variety of academic fields ranging from the natural to social sciences. This knowledge and skillset provides critical insight to global, regional, and local issues such as globalization, cultural diversity, location-based decision making, climate change, world resources, national and international security, environmental hazards, and infrastructure. According to the Gilbert M. Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education (GCGE), “Learning geography promotes understanding of past, present, and possible future conditions on Earth and fosters deep appreciation for the value of diverse cultures, natural environments, and nonhuman species.”

The UTC geography minor provides the student with a well-rounded geography education – including courses from both the cultural and natural realms. Again, according to the GCGE, “well rounded geography education enables people to acquire the skills required to pose and investigate significant spatial and environmental questions and develops the ability to use maps, imagery, and geospatial technologies.”