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Graduate Advising

The Graduate Program Coordinator is responsible for advising for all graduate students.  You should contact Dr. Policastro to be sure you are on track to graduate in a timely manner and that you are following all the necessary steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

The academic advisor serves as the coordinator of your educational experience. The advisor can help you clarify your goals, explore career options, plan an educational program, and schedule classes needed to meet the requirements of your program. You should also be familiar with course descriptions and degree requirements.  Your advisor is just that - an advisor. You are responsible for making informed choices and for registering for courses. To maximize the effectiveness of your advising meeting, plan ahead. 

You need to take the relevant required courses in your first year.  CRMJ 5000, 5010, and 5030 usually should be taken in your first, fall semester of the program.  CRMJ 5020 and 5040 are required courses that should be taken in the spring semester.  Your program of study and candidacy forms also lay out your program of study and should be followed to ensure a timely graduation. You also can use the informal checklist at the top of the page.

The Program of Study form maps out your degree plan and lists what courses you will take and when.  The Candidacy Form is a final version of the Program of Study and serves somewhat like a degree audit.  More information on these forms and when to complete them is available. 

Students must have a 3.0 GPA.  Students must have a C or higher in all courses; however, receiving a third C or below in graduate class will be cause for immediate program dismissal.

Internships are not required, though they are available for graduate students.  Consult the Graduate Coordinator (Dr. Tammy Garland) who will refer you to the Internship Coordinator after an initial screening. Internships are a rewarding way for students to get experience in the field.  

All of the graduate courses are offered in the evening (5:30 to 8:00 p.m.).  We also sporadically offer a few courses online. 

In most cases, you can transfer in 6 hours of graduate credit.  Consult with the Graduate Coordinator to ensure they can be used toward graduation.

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