Jeffrey L. Brown Institute of Archaeology

The Jeffrey L. Brown Institute of Archaeology is a non-profit archaeological research unit affiliated with the Department of Social, Cultural, and Justice Studies, College of Arts and Sciences, at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. The Institute is self-supporting through funding from contracts and grants; no University appropriations are expended on Institute operations or maintenance.

The Institute was formed in 1975 by Dr. Jeffrey L. Brown to promote scientific inquiry in the areas of industrial, historical and prehistoric archaeology in the Chattanooga region.  Brown served as the first Director of the Institute until his death in December 1980.  Brown, a graduate of the University of Arizona (Ph.D. 1973), was a prolific researcher who specialized in industrial archaeology and the history of technology. To honor his contributions to the region's culture history, the Institute was named in his honor in 1981 and a student scholarship was established.  Since 1980, Dr. Nick Honerkamp expanded the Institute's geographical scope of operation to include the greater southeastern United States, with an emphasis on antebellum plantation archaeology.

The Institute of Archaeology maintains scholarly and public service commitments to scientific archaeology, and has performed sponsored research services for a wide variety of private sector firms as well as federal, state and local governments. Besides contributing to scientific and historical research, the Institute enhances UTC’s educational mission through sponsorship of a yearly archaeological field school. The Institute is also involved in a number of outreach efforts that increase awareness and appreciation of prehistoric and historic cultural heritage in the Southeast.


Established through an endowment in March of 1982 by Dr. Jeffrey Brown’s family, this memorial scholarship is awarded to outstanding students in anthropology or an allied field at UTC who show academic merit and who “advance the academic ideals of environmental conservation and preservation of man’s historical past.” The dollar amount awarded varies from year to year according to funds that are available. The student recipient traditionally is a junior or beginning senior and is recommended in the spring semester to receive the scholarship funds in the fall and spring by the faculty of the Department of Social, Cultural, and Justice Studies. There is no student application procedure for this scholarship.