Course Descriptions

ANTH 1000 - Mysteries of the Human Journey

Cultural and biological development of human society as interpreted by anthropologists from the remains of prehistoric life and the culture of contemporary humans. Application of anthropological methods to puzzles such as Neanderthals, Stonehenge, Mayan calendar, witchcraft, globalism, and our species’ future. 3 Credit hours.

ANTH 1100 - Biological Anthropology

In order to investigate our human ancestry this course will introduce the concepts of evolution, natural selection, adaptation, and genetic inheritance. Students will examine the human fossil record, comparative nonhuman and human primate osteology and dentition, and modern human biological variation. The course will also address the applied application of this subfield to the study of the evolution of modern diseases and other health related issues. In lab, students will apply and practice content knowledge. Corequisites: ANTH 1100L or department head approval. Laboratory/studio course fee will be assessed. 4 Credit Hours.

ANTH 1200 - Cultural Anthropology

The comparative study of culture, social organization, economics, government, education, religion, language, and arts in various primitive and present societies; cultural integration and change. 3 Credit hours.

ANTH 1300 - Language, Culture, and Society

The inter-relationship of language, culture, thought, and communication in human societies, with an emphasis on non-Western traditions. 3 Credit hours.

ANTH 1400 – Archaeology

The study of human prehistoric and historic past as derived from the archaeological record. Basic techniques, methods, theoretical approaches, and major conclusions of archaeological investigation. 3 Credit hours.

 ANTH 2000 - Native Americans

This course explores the prehistory, ethnography, and contact history of indigenous peoples of North America. Topics range from archaeology to contemporary problems facing Native Americans today. 3 Credit Hours.

ANTH 2120 - Human Variation

This course will investigate the variation that exists within our own species, both between and within populations. It will focus on the evolutionary and genetic basis of human variation, as well as its diversity, adaptive significance, and distribution. Topics covered will include: body shape and physiology, blood groups, susceptibility to disease, and skin color. It will survey the historical attempts to classify humans into different races, assess definitions of race as solely a cultural construct, and attempts to link race with intelligence and performance. 3 Credit Hours.

ANTH 2200 - Human Origins

Origins of the human species, culture, and cognition based on primate models, fossil record, genetic evidence, and prehistoric material culture and sites, as interpreted by anthropologists using the scientific method and evolutionary theory. 3 credit hours.

ANTH 2300 - Applied Anthropology

A systematic inquiry of various applications of anthropology to solve human problems, both internationally and within the United States. Discussions include the history of applied anthropology, ethical considerations, methods and the roles of anthropologists in contemporary cultural and economic development. 3 credit hours.

ANTH 2400 - World Prehistory

Topics of world archaeology covering the Paleolithic in the Old and New Worlds up through the development of agriculture and the search for the prerequisites of civilization. Comparison of differences and similarities in the cultural trajectories for various areas in the world, and their possible causes, will be stressed. 3 credit hours.

ANTH 3000 - Forensic Anthropology

This course focuses on the application of biological anthropology within the realm of forensic science. It examines the work of a forensic anthropologist and how individual identifications are made from skeletal and dental remains. Emphasis is given to the role of the forensic anthropologist within the environment of a medical examiner’s office. Topics include the osteological assessment of age, sex, ancestry, stature, trauma, pathology, taphonomy, and the estimation of the postmortem interval. This course includes lectures, readings, and anatomical laboratory exercises that will underscore the medicolegal importance of the human skeleton. Prerequisites: ANTH 1100 or department head approval. 3 credit hours.

ANTH 3100 - Ethnographic Methods

This course introduces the key elements of ethnographic research and the role it plays in generating social and cultural knowledge. Topics include ethnographic research design, participant observation, interviewing, data analysis, and developing ethnographic projects. Prerequisites: a statistics course (SOC 2500 recommended) and ANTH 1200 or ANTH 1300, or department head approval. 3 credit hours. 

ANTH 3210 - Anthropological Theory

A systematic survey of the development of major theories in anthropology with particular attention to theories of culture. Prerequisites: 9 hours of anthropology or department head approval. 3 credit hours.

ANTH 3350 - Archaeological Field Methods

Theory, method, and techniques of field research in archaeology, training and practice in surveying, photography, field recording, and other basic skills. Prerequisites: department head approval. 3 or 6 Credit Hours.

ANTH 3360 - Southeastern Native Americans

Native Americans of the Southeast, their subsistence patterns, social organization, political structures, and belief systems, as derived from archaeological, documentary, and ethnographic sources. Emphasis is given to the late prehistoric and early historic periods. Prerequisites: ANTH 1200 or ANTH 1400 or department head approval. 3 credit hours.

ANTH 3380 - Sociocultural Studies of Aging

A basic course in social and cultural studies of aging using multidisciplinary and comparative approaches to provide a comprehensive introduction to the human experience of aging. Prerequisites: ANTH 1000 or ANTH 1200 or SOC 1510 or SOC 2150 or department head approval. May be registered as SOC 3570. Credit not allowed in both ANTH 3380 and SOC 3570. 3 credit hours.

ANTH 3030 - Primate Behavior and Ecology

A comparative survey of the ecology, social behavior , and cognitive ability of nonhuman primates, especially monkeys and apes, with emphasis on the evolutionary factors that have shaped primate behavior. Prerequisites: ANTH 1100 or PSY 1010 or department head approval. May be registered as PSY 3150. No credit in both ANTH 3030 and PSY 3150. 3 credit hours.

ANTH 3130r - Media and Communication Laboratory

An anthropological analysis of contemporary media, communication, and symbolic culture, including documentary and feature films. Prerequisites: ANTH 1200 or ANTH 1300 or department head approval. 3 credit hours.

ANTH 3160 - Chinese Society and Culture

This course provides a general introduction of the culture and social structure of China. Topics of discussions include the origin of the Chinese culture, family and social organization, religion, ideology, and tradition vs. modernization. Prerequisites: ANTH 1200 or department head approval. 3 credit hours.

ANTH 3220 - Medicine and Disease: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

Cross-cultural study of medicine and disease; the relationship between the development of medicines and medical care, including-non-Western medical systems, and cultural beliefs, social systems, ecological adaptations, and cultural changes of human groups. Prerequisites: ANTH 1200 or department head approval. May be registered as SOC 3650 or PSY 3220. Credit allowed in only one of the three courses. 3 credit hours.

ANTH 3370 - Tennessee Archaeology

The archaeology of prehistoric and historic Tennessee. Based on archaeological research, an overview of the history of human occupation in the state of Tennessee is presented. Emphasis on local sites whenever possible. Prerequisites: ANTH 1200 or ANTH 1400 or ANTH 3360 or department head approval. 3 credit hours.

ANTH 3600 - Ape Language and Cognition

A review and critical analysis of great ape intelligence and culture, focusing on sign language, speech, computer language, and other symbol studies with great apes and other intelligent animals. Examines the origins of culture, language, and intelligence in humans, and the ethical treatment of great apes and other intelligent animals in nature and under human care. Prerequisite: ANTH 1100 or ANTH 1300 or PSY 1010 or department head approval. May be registered as PSY 3600. No credit in both ANTH 3600 and PSY 3600. 3 credit hours.

ANTH 4140 - Research Seminar

The use of social research techniques to report on social and cultural phenomena; data collection and analysis, writing of a research report. Research project required of all students. Prerequisites: SOC 3140 or ANTH 3100 or department head approval. May be registered as SOC 4140 . Credit not allowed in both SOC 4140 and ANTH 4140. 3 credit hours.

ANTH 4940R - Anthropology Internship

Intended to provide majors an opportunity to experience "hands on" activities in a human services setting, learn the operation and policies of an agency, integrate classroom theory with practice, and develop the requisite competencies necessary for a sociological/anthropological practitioner. Prerequisites: SOC 1510 and SOC 3120 or ANTH 1000 and ANTH 3210, junior standing, completed at least one semester at UTC, minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75, completion of additional Sociology/Anthropology courses relevant to the internship and approval of the internship coordinator or department head approval. 3-6 Credit Hours.

ANTH 4995R - Departmental Thesis

Department may have additional prerequisite requirements. Student must submit an Individual Studies/Research Contract to the Registrar at the time of registration. Every semester. Requires University Honors approval. 1-3 Credit Hours.

ANTH 4997R - Research

Department may have additional prerequisite requirements. Student must submit an Individual Studies/Research Contract to the Registrar at the time of registration. Every semester. Prerequisites: department head approval. 1-9 Credit Hours. 

ANTH 4998R - Individual Studies

Department may have additional prerequisite requirements. Student must submit an Individual Studies/Research Contract to the Registrar at the time of registration. Every semester. Prerequisites: department head approval. 1-9 Credit Hours.

ANTH 4999R - Group Studies

Department may have additional prerequisite requirements. On demand. Prerequisites: department head approval. 1-9 Credit Hours.