Aerospace & Defense

Notional Tanker Overtaking a Notional Submarine With Rotating PropellorsA long-time strength of the SimCenter has been in basic and applied research within the Aerospace and Defense sector. This sector has been at the forefront of utilizing modeling and simulation for evaluation and design of vehicle and weapons technology. SimCenter researchers have been working with  several federal agencies within the Aerospace and Defense sector as well as industrial entities.

Within Tennessee, SimCenter staff have been interacting with UT Knoxville and the UT Space Institute at Tullahoma, as well as with the USAF Arnold Engineering and Development Center at Tullahoma.  The objectives are to enable world-class aero/propulsion research, foster science-driven technology innovation, and lead the development of methods and tools for digital system simulations.

July 2014Technological advancements made by SimCenter researchers in the fields of high-order stabilized finite-element technology, in rotating-machinery, and in aerodynamics/hydrodynamics are nationally recognized.

Much of the technology and capabilities being developed within the Aerospace/Defense application area has dual-use and applicability in Energy & Environment, Health & Biological Systems, and Manufacturing.  Additive Manufacturing is increasingly being utilized and offers the potential for significant reductions in weight and part-count as well as fabrication time and assembly costs.[1]

Additionally, the use of data analytics to calibrate and build data-driven models is becoming more wide-spread within many areas of Aerospace/Defense R&D.


Research Area Focus Lead

Dr. James C. Newman III

Dr. James C. Newman III

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