Past School Psychology Students

2016 Graduates


 2015 Graduates


                   Ashley Young                                                                                      Ali Windrow

"I am currently employed with Hall                                           "I am currently employed in Hamilton

County School District in Gainesville,                                    County, enjoying every day surrounded 

Georgia. I serve 2 elementary schools,                                  by the little ones  at my two elementary 

1 middle school and 1 high school. One                                          schools. I get to spend each day

of my greatest strengths that has helped                                  differently, while still striving to help  

me thus far are my interpersonal skills.                                 students succeed. Working individually 

  Working with students of different                                         with students is a pleasure, but so is 

 backgrounds has encouraged me to                                       collaborating with the great educators 

improve my Sign Language skills as well                                              in both of my buildings."              

get more involved in the community."

       Daivd A

                    David Atkins                                                                             Kristyn Laviolette

 "This is my first year working as a school                              "I work for the UTK in Hamblen County

    psychologist in Hamilton County. I                                   schools in Morristown, TN. UT contracts

 previously worked as a special education                           with Hamblen county for psych services.

 teacher in Hamilton County for a number                           I have two elementary, a middle school,

 of years prior to and whileI was completing                        and a high school.  I do evaluations and

  an Ed.S. in School Psychology. My current                           FBAs at all my schools, and I also help 

placement is in a suburban elementary school. "                 with behavior plans and RTI. My favorite

                                                                                                      thing to do is meet with the students and

                                                                                                                                their families."                   


                               Alex Hill

      "I am a full-time school psychologist in

the northern Illinois area.  My job duties include:

 provide a safe and nurturing environment for all

students; receive weekly mentoring from the Lead

   psychologist; meet with parents and teachers;

consult and collaborate with teachers, parents, and

 administrators to complete functional behavioral

 assessments and behavior intervention plans; and

administer standardized assessments, coordinate

                        and lead IEP meetings."


2014 Graduates