Practicum Project

Field Experience Practicum Project

Candidates are expected to show evidence of the ability to lead an element of school reform in the practicum project. The project is expected to be substantive, data driven and student achievement orientated.  The candidate is to assume the role of the leader of this project and would be expected to devote approximately 50 hours to it. The project must be approved by the end of the 3rd semester in the program.

The new TILS requirements state that each PL student must complete a practicum project, which

  • …is a major leadership endeavor that produces results related to student achievement in his/her school
  • …and allows the graduate student to demonstrate the best of his/her leadership skills.
  • The project must be approved by the professor and a mentor. 
  • It is expected to take approximately 50 hours and will be included in the portfolio, but will be graded separately. 

How will this be reported in the portfolio?

A summary of the project in the appropriate TILS section will be included. The following are expected:

  • The project will be clearly marked as “Major Practicum Project”
  • Why this project was selected will be articulated.
  • Goals of the project will be articulated.
  • A summary of what was done must be presented. The project must represent at least 50 hours of leadership, so the summary should provide evidence of that level of involvement.
  • Results in terms of student achievement must be clearly documented. Do not include student names.
  • Accomplishment of all project goals should be reported in the summary paper.
  • A reflection should conclude the paper. Given the chance to do this or something like this in the future, what will you do again?  What will you change to make it better? What have you learned from this experience?

 This is to be submitted with the portfolio.

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