The Dispositions of the Effective Educator

As a Reflective Practitioner, the Teacher Candidate will demonstrate a commitment to Performance, Professionalism, and Partnership by achieving the following goals:

Checklist (printable copy)


  • Exhibit an in-depth mastery of content knowledge.
  • Use a variety of evidence-based instructional strategies to enable all learners to master content and its application.
  • Use multiple methods of assessment to engage learners, monitor learner progress, and guide decision making to make data-informed decisions.
  • Provide equitable learning opportunities for all learners.
  • Create and maintain an environment for learning through effective classroom management and organization.
  • Evaluate and integrate appropriate technology resources to facilitate student learning.


  • Adhere to a professional code of ethics and provide a positive role model to students and others in the profession.
  • Recognize students’ unique prior knowledge, life experiences, cultural differences, and interests as part of the context for student learning.
  • Demonstrate commitment to lifelong learning and professional growth through reflection, seeking constructive feedback, and willingness to learn from others and past experience.
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively through a variety of methods.


  • Collaborate with other professionals to improve the overall learning of students.
  • Utilize a wide variety of resources in the school, family, culture, and community to facilitate student learning.