Checkpoint 3

Checkpoint 3 must be completed before teacher candidates can complete their clinical experience. Students must complete the required TEP course as well as submit the appropriate documentation (applications, resume, and Praxis test scores) in order to be considered for student teaching/Residency II. Once students have met all Checkpoint requirements and taken required coursework for their majors, students can register for student teaching/Residency II.

  • 2.75 GPA

All students must have and maintain:

    • 2.75 Cumulative GPA
    • 2.75 UTC GPA (this includes all courses taken at UTC)
    • 2.75 GPA on all professional courses with no grade lower than a C
    • 2.75 GPA in content area courses with no grade lower than a C

It is your responsibility to keep track of your GPA each semester. In order to view your GPA, you need to log in to MyMocsDegree. This will show both your Cumulative and UTC GPA.

Concerned about not meeting the GPA requirements? Use the GPA calculators to see what grades you will need in order to achieve and/or maintain the GPA requirements.

GPA Requirement is set by the State of Tennessee Department of Education.

  • Clinical Practice Application

Applications for clinical practice are located online here. Completed applications are submitted electronically to the Field Placement Coordinator, Hunter 312.

Students who wish to enroll in Residency or the induction experience for the fall semester must submit their applications by the previous March 1st.  For those students who seek spring student teaching, the application deadline is the previous September 1st.

Students participating in Residency or the induction experience may not enroll in additional coursework except under certain specified conditions.  For further information, contact the Certification Officer or the TEP Advisor in Hunter 312.

Mandatory seminars occur during the first week of the semester. Students must attend all seminars. Only students who have met all qualifications for student teaching can attend the seminars. Students are informed of their placements during the first seminar day.

All teacher candidates must hold updated liability insurance as well as a successful background check. Those must be on file with the School of Education. Information on liability insurance and background checks can be found here.

  • Praxis II Scores

Praxis II tests (formerly known as the NTE, or National Teacher’s Exam) measure a candidate’s knowledge of the subject(s) he or she will teach.   These tests also measure general and subject-specific pedagogical skills and knowledge.

All applicants for initial teacher licensure must document appropriate minimum scores on specified test(s) in the content area.  These tests are one or two hours in length and may be taken independently of each other or in different combinations as a package. They are administered via computer at various testing sites (like UTC) as well as at testing centers (like Prometrics Testing Services) throughout the county.

Information about registration for the tests may be found in The Praxis Series: Professional Assessments for Beginning Teachers Registration Bulletin.   This booklet is also available in UTC’s Testing Center (258 Hooper Hall) or from the Praxis Series Services at (609) 771-7395. Tests-at-a-Glance booklets can be obtained online for each test; these booklets include content outlines, sample questions with rationales for the best answers, and test-taking strategies.   While the best preparation for any test in the Praxis Series is the knowledge and experience gained from the college preparation program, the booklets provide appropriate review and focus for the tests.  Study materials are also available for two-week check out from the UTC library and in many bookstores. Before purchase, students should analyze these materials carefully to assure their relevance to the test(s) which will be taken.  

Information as to the tests specified for each licensure area as well as the required minimum scores may be obtained from the Certification Office, the UTC Testing Center, or the bulletin board display for the School of Education.  The ETS Registration Bulletin also lists the required tests by state.  Students are urged to be sure that they register for the correct test(s).

Students seeking licensure in states other than Tennessee may be required to take additional Praxis II tests. Students should obtain information from the Certification Office or the licensing agency in the other state before registering for tests other than those required by Tennessee.

Praxis II requirements for licensure are determined by the Tennessee Department of Education.  The College of Health, Education and Professional Studies at UTC has mandated that a candidate must meet all Praxis II requirements for the licensure area sought before enrollment in student teaching or the induction experience. A designated institution score report should be sent to UTC (Score Recipient Code R1831); it is suggested that an additional report should be sent to the Tennessee State Department of Education (Recipient Code R8190). These recipients need to be indicated each time a test is taken.

Because the State of Tennessee uses Social Security Numbers to track licenses, it is recommended that students include their SSN, date of birth, and complete given name when registering for the exam.

Official score reports will be sent to the institutions that were designated by the test taker (UTC and TN State Department of Education). The test taker will also be given access to an electronic version of their score report. The student will need to save this score report as soon as they are able to access, because the web-based access is only temporary. It is recommended that the student print out at least one color copy of this score report to have during job interviews.

These must be completed prior to Clinical Practice.

  • TEP Course

Students must complete their designated TEP course prior to admission to their residency courses.

Exceptional Learning, Ealry Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education, and Elementary Education and English as a Second Language: EDUC 3230

Middle Grades (All content areas): EDUC 4230

Secondary and K-12 (All content areas): EDUC 4330

  • Updated Professional Resume

Prior to the clinical practice semester, each student will submit an electronic copy of their resume to the Field Placement Coordinator. The updated resume should include updated information, show growth in professional development, and  additional field experience gained. 

Students should utilize the Center for Career and Leadership Development' Resume Doctor prior to their formal submission. Center for Career and Leadership Development also provides resources on writing a resume.


Once students are admitted to clinical practice, they will receive an email with their applicable course registration information. Students should request their advising hold to be lifted by their assigned advisor.