Checkpoint 2

Typically, Checkpoint 2 occurs during the Junior Year. Students must complete all Checkpoint 2 requirements prior to moving to admittance to Residency I/II. Upon successful completion of Checkpoints 1 & 2, students are admitted to TEP.

  • 2.75 GPA

All students must have and maintain:

    • 2.75 Cumulative GPA
    • 2.75 UTC GPA (this includes all courses taken at UTC)
    • 2.75 GPA on all professional courses with no grade lower than a C
    • 2.75 GPA in content area courses with no grade lower than a C

It is your responsibility to keep track of your GPA each semester. In order to view your GPA, you need to log in to MyMocsDegree. This will show both your Cumulative and UTC GPA.

Concerned about not meeting the GPA requirements? Use the GPA calculators to see what grades you will need in order to achieve and/or maintain the GPA requirements.

Need tutoring? Take advantage of the tutoring services offered at no cost to UTC students.

GPA requirement is set by the State of Tennessee Department of Education.

  • Resume

TEP applicants must submit a completed resume to School of Education ( to fulfill an admission requirement to the program. 1-page Resume submissions must be a PDF. The resume requirement reflects the professional aspect of the program. It is the intention of the SOE to ensure that you take advantage of the opportunities offered by the department in order to increase professional development. The resume should include the following as applicable:

  • Address
  • Name
  • Adress
  • Major(s)
  • Degree Status
  • Other Information
    • Volunteer Work
    • Field Experiences
    • Honors
    • Etc.

It is strongly advised that students utilize the Center for Career and Leadership Development's Resume Doctor prior to their formal submission. Center for Career and Leadership Development also provides resources on writing a resume.

  • Interview

Interview Application is due Prior to Interview

Before being admitted to the UTC Teacher Education Program (TEP), you must receive a favorable recommendation from an interview panel. The panel will consist of TEP faculty. You should dress professionally and be prompt. Interviews are typically held in the School of Education Conference Room. Submit the completed Application for TEP Interview to School of Education office.

You will be asked about your general purpose interests, short and long-term professional goals, and educational philosophy. Be prepared to discuss subjects related to classroom management, assessment, instructional strategies, and dispositions. Be prepared to be evaluated in areas such as appearance, verbal communication, and information processing. The interview should last approximately 45-60 minutes. A letter will be mailed to your permanent address confirming your admission to TEP or indicating reasons you have not been admitted.

In some cases, additional field placements, coursework, remediation, mock interviews, and additional interviews are recommended by the interview panel.