Checkpoint 1 

CHECKPOINT 1: Typically, Checkpoint 1 is completed during the EDUC 2010 / STEM 1030 / EDUC 5200 courses. Most of the requirements of Checkpoint 1 will be satisfied prior to leaving the course. However, some students may need to complete requirements after that course is completed. In that case, students will need to monitor their progress toward completing the requirements and ensure all are met in a timely manner. Students CANNOT take any other Education course until all requirements in Checkpoint 1 are met.

  • 2.75 GPA

A student must have at least a 2.75 Cumulative GPA as well as at least a 2.75 UTC GPA. Cumulative GPA includes all college-level course grades that you have ever earned, while your UTC GPA only counts grades earned in courses taken at UTC.

It is your responsibility to keep track of your GPA each semester. In order to view your GPA, you need to log in to MyMocsDegree. This will show both your Cumulative and UTC GPA.
Concerned about not meeting the GPA requirements? Calculate your GPA or use the GPA Calculator on your MyMocsDegree to see what grades you will need in order to achieve and/or maintain the GPA requirements. 
GPA is set by the State of Tennessee Department of Education.

  • EDUC 2010/STEM 1030/EDUC 5200

Students must complete 20 hours of field placement during EDUC 2010 / STEM 1030 / EDUC 5200. Professors are given placement options from the field placement coordinator
Students must fill out a time sheet to be signed by their supervisor in the field as well as ensure that the supervisor completes a final evaluation. Both of those documents must be submitted to the EDUC 2010 / STEM 1030 /EDUC 5200 professor by the deadline set by the professor. 
Students who are taking EDUC 2010 / STEM 1030 /EDUC 5200 and are already working in an educational setting such as a daycare, after school program, etc. may apply for an exemption from the 20 hours of field placement. The student must FIRST get approval from their professor. Once the professor has approved the exemption, the student must ask their supervisor at their current position to write a letter on official letterhead, detailing the job description, hours worked, and overall success in the position. That letter must be first submitted to the EDUC 2010 / STEM 1030 / EDUC 5200 professor for review. 
If a student fails to complete the field placement component for any reason (lacking the full 20 hours, failing to submit the correct paperwork, etc), the student will receive an F in the course.
You can find the field placement documentation forms here. 

  • Checkpoint 1 Application

Submit a completed Checkpoint 1 application. This application should be completed during the semester students complete EDUC 2010/STEM 1030/EDUC 5200 or upon entrance to UTC as an incoming transfer student who has completed the equivalent EDUC 2010/STEM 1030/EDUC 5200 course at their prior institution.

  • State Testing Requirement (ACT/SAT/Praxis Core)

The applicant for admission to the TEP must document achievement of one of the following scores:

    • ACT: Composite Score of 21 (1989 and later)
    • SAT: Re-centered Score of 1080 (April 1995 and later) or Composite Score of 920 (Prior to April 1995)
    • Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators: Math 150, Reading 156, Writing 162 (after July 15, 2014)

Students can take the ACTR on campus in the testing center. The ACT Residual (ACTR) is a three-hour exam for students that are seeking entrance into the Teacher Education Program or admission into UTC.  The ACTR test score is only valid for UTC and cannot be transferred to another university. Study materials for the ACT can be found in the library as well as through Center for Professional Education.

Students who wish to take the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators may register at If you wish to study prior to taking either of these tests, study materials are available at the UTC library. ETS also provides an in-depth Study Companions for each Praxis exam. Praxis exams can be taken anywhere in the United States. Praxis Core Exam Guide

  • Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators Writing exam

All students are required to take the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators Writing test and achieve a score of at least 162. 
 Register for the test at Study materials are available at the UTC Library in addition to the free Study Companion provided on the Praxis website. Praxis exams can be taken anywhere in the United States. Praxis Core Exam Guide

  • Background Check

Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 49, Chapter 5, Part 5610 specifies that all students wishing to enter approved teacher training programs in Tennessee shall be required to submit to a criminal history background check.

Policy Background: TCA 49-5-5610 requires students wishing to enter an approved teacher training program in Tennessee to:

  1. Agree to the release of all investigative records to the administrator of the teacher training program;
  2. Supply a fingerprint sample and submit to a criminal history records check to be conducted by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation;
  3. Sign an authorization and release form authorizing a qualified Tennessee licensed private investigation company to complete a criminal history records check.  

Background checks are good for 5 years or until Residency I/II. See Background and Liability Insurance for directions and instructions.

  • Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance must be up to date each semester a student is completing field experiences. See Background and Liability Insurance for directions and instructions.

  • Livetext

Beginning in EDUC 2010 / STEM 1030 / EDUC 5200, all students will be required to utilize Livetext in the majority of Education classes. Students can purchase Livetext in the UTC Bookstore or on the Livetext website. See the Livetext section of our website for more information.


Checkpoint 1 must be met in entirety before students can complete Checkpoint 2.