LiveText is an on-line program for education students to expand their use of technology. By incorporating this online program into the Teacher Education Program, students can now create an e-portfolio, submit evaluations on-line, instantly review professor’s feedback, and create unique lesson plans. With the purchase of LiveText membership, students also receive access to Learn 360.

Learn360® is a division of AIM Education, Inc. AIM Education, Inc., based in Plainview, NY, is a visual media publisher and distributor that supports educators by offering supplemental curriculum, guidance, and health products to help students achieve academically, socially, and emotionally. The company is a division of AIM Learning Group, Inc., based in Delaware. AIM Education, Inc.'s product lines provide digital, video, and print media products. The online Learn360® video streaming service for K-12 schools sets a superior standard of quality for video streaming and was built specifically for educators. To learn more about Learn360®, visit
Students will have a personal account with each of these programs the entire time they are enrolled as a student at UTC as well as one year after graduation.

LiveText also helps the School of Education with collecting and organizing data to ensure accreditation for this college. With CAEP (Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation) accreditation, students will be able to teach not only in Tennessee but other states as well.


Overview of LiveText Online Program 

What is LiveText?

  • LiveText is an on-line tool for education students to expand their use of technology. This on-line program enables students to create an e-portfolio, submit evaluations on-line, and use Learn 360 to help build unique lesson plans.
  • You will have a personal account for the entire time you are an enrolled student as well as one year after you graduate.
  • This program also helps the School of Education collect data to ensure accreditation for this college. With CAEP (Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation), you will be able to teach not only in Tennessee but also in other states as well.

Registration Process

  • Log on to
  • Click “Register Account”
  • Type in your Key Code
  • Use your UTC ID as your LiveText Username and create a password.
  • Make sure to use the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga as your University.
  • Write down your username and password somewhere so you won’t forget it.

To Register For Learn 360

  • Under Account info.
  • Under memberships select “Go to Learn 360.”

Becoming Familiar with the Program

  • There is a main tool bar going across the top of the page with these titles: Dashboard, Documents, Reviews, Forms, Community, and Tools.
  • Documents will be the most used section.  It is here that you can create your documents and send them for review.
  • The Reviews section allows you to see if your paper was sent to your professor and if it has been assessed or not.
  • Forms will be used to access TEP applications and other necessary documents.
  • Community will be used to make group correspondence easy and quick.  This feature will be used if you are assigned to a small group that has to work together on a project or paper. Under community is also a great tool when creating lesson plans. Click on the Library or Resources tab to search for lesson plans in a certain content area or about a particular topic.
  • In the Tools section, you can look up state standards, create visitor passes, and manage your files.

Follow the directions below when you submit documents to your professors:

  • Select Documents Tab
  • Click New
  • Select Choose a Folder using the arrow and under The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, click Courses
  • Under Template choose the assignment you are working on: examples are: EDUC-201, (Baker/Preston) Field Experience Paper Instructions and Rubric. Look for obvious abbreviations of these long titles.
  • Under Title, make sure you include your name as well as identifying what the assignment is. You do not need to write anything in the description box.
  • Select Save as New Document
  • Read the instructions.
  • Click “edit” first on the upper right. Wait a second and the instructions will appear again. You can then begin typing directly under them making sure you double space OR if you previously created the paper on a Microsoft word document and saved it also click “edit” on the upper right, go back to your document, highlight all of it, then either press CTL C or copy on the toolbar. Go back to LiveText and click the page where you want to paste it (under the directions) and press CTL V or paste from the toolbar.
  • If you wrote your essay directly on LiveText and did not copy and paste, delete the directions and clean up the assignment using the tool bar. Remember to use spell check (abc/checkmark) but also edit carefully. If you copied and pasted also delete the directions.
  • Click Save Changes and then Save and Finish on the top right.
  • Your paper will appear. Select Send for Review from the tool bar on top which opens an email function for submitting your work to your professor.
  • Enter your professor’s name (not their e-mail address). It will either appear automatically or you may have to choose it from a drop-down menu of similar names.
  • Click on the instructor’s name and then click Submit for Review. You should get a message that it has been sent.
  • After we review it you will receive it back with our remarks and editing. Make sure you click the boxes over the places where we have inserted comments or made corrections.

Creating a Label

  • Go to “Documents.”
  • Click “Apply a Label.”
  • Choose “New Label” and type in class or heading.
  • Create a Title.  I would recommend using your Class Title or Course Number, so you can put all your documents from that course into that storage label.
  • Click “Save.”
  • Once you have formed a document for a certain course, move it to that label.
  • To move a document, click on that document and find the “Apply Label” tab in the upper left tool bar. Find the correct label and click it on the scroll down menu. Your labels will appear in the top right hand corner under “My Labels.”

Filling out a Form

  • Your professors will be sharing different forms with you to fill out during the course of your program.  The forms will be sent to the “Forms” section.
  • Click on “Forms.”
  • Select your form that you need to fill out.  For example: Everyone needs to fill out a TEP Application Form.
  • Fill out form and click “Submit.”
  • If any of the forms have Office Use Only or Advisor’s signature on them, you will need to print out a hard copy to get the appropriate signatures on the form.

LiveText Cheat Sheet for Clinical Practice:

Cheat Sheet