Transfer Students at UTC

We are excited that you are choosing UTC as your college to complete your Bachelor's Degree! In the School of Education, you have a dedicated advisor to get you started on your education journey at UTC!

We offer 12 teaching licensure programs and 1 non-licensure program in the SOE. You can view the courses required for these programs on out Clear Path page. Clicking the program title will show you the clear path (recommended order of courses for that degree). Have questions? Email and she will assist you!

Apply now!

Ready to start your education at UTC? First step is to apply to UTC! If your plans are to teach, we recommend that you choose one of the programs and you can always change to a different licensure path at any time!

Once you are accepted, start using your UTC issued email ASAP! You will receive emails to this account right away and you don't want to miss out on any opportunities! As soon as you are able, we encourage students to register for orientation so your spot is locked-in. Your advisor will then pre-build your fall schedule before you attend your orientation based on your major, so if you find you need to change your major at any time, not a problem-just log back into your Orientation Registration and change your major to reflect your goals. You can also change during or after orientation if you want to talk to your advisor before you make any decisions.


Next step is to familiarize yourself with the Checkpoint 1. It is suggested that for students who are coming in with an associates degree or have completed the equivalent of EDUC 2010, to have all testing-related parts of Checkpoint 1 complete by the end of their first semester to ensure they are able to progress in degree completion in a timely manner.