Options for Licensure 

Options for Becoming Licensed for Bachelor Degree Holders

If you already hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution, please read the following information on licensure options through UTC’s Teacher Education Program (TEP).

Options for Licensure:

There are two options to complete licensure requirements as an initial license- either at the undergraduate level by adding a second degree. (as a second degree seeking student Post-Bacc Teacher Certificate student) or graduate level (working towards your MEd). Initial licensure means that you complete all requirements for licensure, including TEP admission, licensure tests, and student teaching before you apply for a teaching position. The areas of licensure that we offer are at UTC are listed on the SOE website

Earn a Second Bachelor’s Degree:

If you want to earn licensure at the post-bac level, you would take a look at the Undergraduate check sheet for the license you choose on this page to get an idea of the required coursework. Because you have a degree, you will only be required to complete (or demonstrate completion of approved equivalencies) the courses listed on the check sheets under the Related Coursework and Education for the licensure area that you choose. If you have a bachelor’s degree in one of the following areas and want to earn licensure in that area, you will follow a slightly different program of study than what is listed on the website: History, English, Government/Political Science, Economics, Geography, Theatre, Spanish, Latin, or French. The transcript review process will ultimately determine the course requirements. For the Post-Bac Teacher Certificate option, you would need to apply to UTC with the  Undergraduate Admissions Office as a Post Bac Teacher Certificate student.

Masters of Education with Licensure:

If you want to complete licensure at the graduate level, you will be required to take 36hrs of education coursework at the graduate level as well as complete the required bridging (content) coursework at the undergraduate level. For all initial licenses earned with a MEd, the 36hrs of education coursework is similar, but it’s the required undergraduate-level bridging coursework that will vary for each license area. The bridging coursework may be taken at any accredited institution, so long as it transfers as an equivalent course. All bridging coursework must be complete in order to be approved to enroll in Student Teaching. For admission into theGraduate School at UTC, you will need to have at least a 2.75 cumulative GPA and pass thePraxis I: Core Academic Skills for Educator (Reading, Writing, and Mathematics) .


For both initial licensure options, you will need to meet requirements for admission intoTEP and you will be required to complete a semester of day-long clinical experience .