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Governor's School for Prospective Teachers

Primary Mission

Encourage Tennessee's brightest students to consider teaching as their profession. The program includes an overview of the myths and realities of the education profession, an examination of effective teaching strategies, resource availability, computer and other technological applications, observations and critiques of teaching performances, analysis of exemplary teaching and an introspective view of learning and teaching styles.

The major principles of our conceptual framework are Performance, Professionalism, and Partnership. The overall focus of the school is to broaden students’ perceptions about the exciting challenges and possibilities associated with the teaching profession.

Components of the curriculum provide students with the following opportunities:

  • Achieve a realistic understanding of teaching

  • Understand themselves better as learners and future teachers

  • Critically evaluate effective teaching strategies

  • Plan, teach and critique short lessons

Application Information

This year we are excited to offer three options for applying for Governor’s School for Prospective Teacher. 2021 Governor’s School Application for Prospective Teachers


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Contact Information:

Governor’s School for Prospective Teachers

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

School of Education

Dept. 4154

Chattanooga, TN 37403


GSPT Class of 2019

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