HOPE Scholarship Reinstatement (for GPA only):

There are two different ways to have your HOPE reinstated if it is lost due to GPA. The below options can either be used separately or in combination with one another. Not sure how many HOPE hours you have or what your HOPE GPA is? - Check out our Where Do I Find My HOPE GPA - Tutorial first.

  • Academic Achievement option- If you lost the HOPE Scholarship at a previous checkpoint (24, 48, 72 hours), then you can request to regain the scholarship, if at the next 24-hour checkpoint (48, 72, 96 hours) you have the minimum required GPA. Click here to review minimum GPA requirements.
  • Repeat option - If you receive a notice that you have lost the HOPE Scholarship due to not meeting the minimum GPA requirements AND you have repeated a class in any prior term, then you can request to have your HOPE Scholarship reinstated. One time, and for one class only, we will replace your grade for Hope Scholarship purposes if it helps you regain the scholarship.  The Repeat option can only be used at a checkpoint.

If you think you may be eligible to regain the HOPE Scholarship, using one of the options above, please complete and submit the following form.*

HOPE Scholarship Reinstatement Request Form

*Please allow 30 days for your HOPE Scholarship Reinstatement Form to be reviewed.
*If you have recently received a grade change (NOT by repeating a class) and wish to have your HOPE Scholarship eligibility re-evaluated, please notify us by emailing scholarships@utc.edu within 30 days of this change.

 HOPE Scholarship Appeal (for enrollment status only):

There is no appeal for any of the following even if your situation was the result of an extenuating circumstance:

A HOPE appeal can be completed for the following enrollment changes:

  • You have totally withdrawn from UTC
  • You have dropped below full or part time enrollment after the 14th day of classes (last day to drop before a W is received)
  • You have taken a Fall or Spring semester off

In order to appeal for your HOPE Scholarship, you MUST submit a HOPE Scholarship Appeal Form found below, a letter of rationale explaining why you have changed your enrollment or require a Leave of Absence, and official documentation supporting your claim.

HOPE Scholarship Appeal Form

*Please allow up to 30 days for your HOPE Scholarship Appeal to be reviewed.



Visit the official Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation's website for information on HOPE scholarship programs, application procedures, deadlines and award amounts.