The Mario C. and Grace B. Charles Foundation Scholarship

- sponsored by The Charles Foundation, Inc.


Through the generosity of Mario C. and Grace B. Charles, a scholarship fund was created to award the very best students majoring in Engineering and/or Teacher Education programs.

Recipients are selected from eligible candidates who meet a range of criteria. An eligible candidate must:

  • Be a Full-Time UTC student during the award period (minimum of 12 credit hours each semester).
  • Major in either Engineering or Education. Education majors must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program or graduate students admitted to education programs that include certification.
  • Have a minimum 3.5 GPA and completed at least 30 hours at UTC (AP credit from high school is included).

*Students receiving the Brock Scholars, Koblentz, Yates, Andrew Holt, Chancellor's, Provost's, or Chattanooga Yes Scholarships are not eligible.

To be considered for this scholarship, please return your completed Mario C. and Grace B. Charles Foundation Scholarship Application to the UTC Financial Aid & Scholarships Office by mail or in person. Please note: Your letters of recommendation must be in sealed envelopes from the respective individuals.

Application deadline is 12 noon (EST) Monday, March 26, 2018