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Emergency Preparedness Training for All

Emergency Preparedness training is available for all groups on campus: students (classes, organizations, and other groups), faculty, and staff. Training  material includes what can go wrong on campus and how to properly respond. Protective measures such as building a disaster kit, preparing an emergency and communications plan are discussed. To request this training, please email emergency-management Our offices can also prepare specific, tailored training to meet your needs. Please contact us to learn more information.

In order to stay in compliance with the UT system SA0200 – Emergency Management policy, we provide a National Incident Management System (NIMS) compliant training program. Courses are offered both online and in a classroom setting. Please check training profiles below to determine what level of training you must complete.

Training Profiles

The UT System SA0200 – Emergency Management Policy requires certain levels of training for all employees involved in emergency management activities:

Personnel Type


Required Courses

General Personnel

Personnel with any role in emergency preparedness, incident management, or response, including support staff or departmental staff that do not have a seat in the EOC but who work with those in the EOC to support EOC operations.

  1. ICS (Incident Command System) 100 for Higher Ed
  2. NIMS 700: Intro to the National Incident Management System

Critical Personnel

Personnel with a critical role in response, such as personnel assigned to the Emergency Response Teams or a member of another key campus emergency team, such as EOC representatives for each department.

  1. ICS (Incident Command System) 100 for Higher Ed
  2. NIMS 700: Intro to the National Incident Management System
  3. ICS (incident command system) 200 for Single Resource and Initial Action Incidents
  4. NIMS 800: National Response Framework

Leadership Personnel

Personnel with a leadership role who are typically obligated to command and manage during incident response in the absence of traditional incident response personnel.  This would include Chancellors, Provosts, and the Policy Group, as well as Chiefs of Police/Security, Emergency Management, and Safety & Risk Management staff.

All courses listed above (ICS 100; ICS 200; NIMS 700; NIMS 800) PLUS the following:

  • For Policy Group:  
    • G367 ICS Emergency Planning for Campus Executives seminar
  • For Chiefs of Police/Security, Emergency Management staff, etc:
    • ICS (Incident Command System) 300
    • ICS (Incident Command System) 400

If you have a question regarding what training you have already completed or which employees require what type of training, please email or call 423-425-2297.


Online Option

All courses listed above are offered online (except for G367 and ICS 300 & 400 required for leadership personnel).

Course Title

Course Length

Link to Materials

ICS 100 for Higher Education

3 hours

Course Materials

NIMS 700: Intro to the National Incident Management System

3 hours

Course Materials

ICS 200 for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents

3 hours

Course Materials

NIMS 800: Intro to the National Response Framework

3 hours

Course Materials

***Please be sure to forward this announcement to any and all personnel who fit into one of the required training categories. It is imperative that any department that is represented in the EOC is properly trained to respond to campus incidents.***

Course Completion Certificate Process

Go to the "online option section" listed above and select the link for the class you would like to request a certificate of completion. Click the "take exam" link on the FEMA website and follow directions to complete the exam online. Once completed, you will receive a certificate in the mail. Please keep a copy of this certificate for your records. You may scan a copy of this certificate and send it to or send to Departmental Mail Code 3904 for backup documentation; however, it is not necessary.

Rosters will be sent to Human Resources to record HR 0128 credit for each employee.

Emergency Exercise

The key to any Emergency Response Plan is to:

1. Train based on your plan

2. Exercise based on your plan

An emergency management exercise is a simulation of a disaster, emergency, technology failure, breakdown in a business process, or any other scenario which requires an immediate action on your part to correct the situation in a timely and efficient manner. Our team will coordinate with your office to develop and conduct an exercise that caters to your needs. Upon completion of the exercise, our team will develop and distribute an After Action Review that contains an explanation of the exercise, as well as lessons learned and best practices developed as a result of the simulation.


The Departmental and Organizational Emergency Response Planning process is based on a series of questions which identify the specific actions your group should take during a variety of emergencies which might occur on our campus. The process takes about 60 minutes to complete and, when we are done, your office will have a plan based on your needs, conditions and requirements. It is best if the session is conducted during a staff meeting or with a group of several of your departmental employees. Developing the plan as a team exercise makes it something that everyone is familiar with which, in turn, reduces the amount of training time needed. If you are interested in this planning opportunity, please email our department at or send an email directly to

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