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Programs for Minors

Minors visit campuses in the University of Tennessee system for a variety of reasons and are involved in a variety of programs and activities sponsored by the University or by third parties using University facilities or resources.  The objective of this policy is to promote a safe environment for minors by fostering a University culture that is committed to preventing, recognizing, reporting, and addressing child and child sexual abuse.                  

The Office of Safety and Risk Management works closely with the Office of Human Resources and General Counsel to ensure the UTC campus complies with all of the requirements of the SA0575 – Programs for Minors policy.     

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Faith Garner at 423-425-5741 or             

Covered Adult is a person who is at least 18 years of age or older; who is a University employee (whether regular, term, or student, and whether full-time or part-time) or a person in a contractual or volunteer position with the University; and whom the Program Director reasonably anticipates will have direct contact with a minor in a Covered Program, by reason of the person’s employment, contractual, or volunteer status with the University.  The term “Covered Adult” does not include a University employee or a person in a contractual or volunteer position who participates in his/her personal capacity in a Covered Program that is not sponsored by a University unit.                  

Covered Program is a program or activity in which minors participate that is sponsored by a University Unit; or a program or activity in which minors participate that is sponsored by an entity other than a University Unit and involves use of University owned or controlled real property. For examples and exclusions, see UT System policy.                  

Designated Official is designated by the Chancellor to have responsibility for implementation of this policy at the campus/institute level, for centralizing the review, approval, and monitoring of Covered Programs, and for monitoring the compliance of Covered Programs with the campus/institute policy required by Section 6 of this policy. The designated official on UTC campus is the Director of Safety and Risk Management.

Direct Contact means instruction, care, supervision, guidance, or control of a minor, and/or routine interaction with a minor.

Minor/Child means a person who is under eighteen (18) years of age or who is reasonably presumed to be under eighteen (18) years of age. 

Program Director With respect to a Covered Program sponsored by a University Unit, the term "Program Director” means the person primarily responsible for the management and oversight of a covered Program, including identifying all Covered Adults and ensuring the Covered Program’s compliance with this policy. With respect to a Covered Program not sponsored by a University Unit, the Program Director is the University employee who serves as the primary University contact with the third party who is sponsoring the Covered Program. 

University Unit means a department, division, school, college, administrative unit, or other official organization of a campus or institute of The University of Tennessee. University extension offices and research centers are considered University Units for purposes of this policy. Student organizations are not University Units for purposes of this policy.

Registration Process: At least thirty (30) days prior to the start of a Covered Program, the Program Director shall complete the Programs for Minors Registration Form (Form A) and submit the completed form to Safety and Risk Management via internal mail or email. This form is your first step in registering your program and must be signed by the Program Director and the Department Head/Dean or Vice-Chancellor responsible for the unit that will operate the Covered Program.  We have prepared an instruction sheet to help you complete this registration form, but please call our office if you need further help.

Required Information for Covered Adults: Each covered adult must turn in the following forms and information.

Required Training: Before allowing a covered adult to participate in a covered program, they must have completed the Child Protection Training.

There are four ways to obtain this training:

1.  Online UT Knowledge and Training Excellence (K@TE):  Follow this link to access the training site.  Once you are logged in, search for "Child Protection Training" in the upper right corner. 

2.  UTC Learn (formerly known as Blackboard):  To request access to the UTC Learn site for all Covered Adults, send an email with the name and UTC ID of each person who needs to be trained to  Once they have been added to the UTC Learn organization, you will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to access the site.  Once training has been completed, you will receive verification that Covered Adults have completed the training.

3.  For large groups or individuals without a UTC ID, training can be conducted via classroom by a Safety and Risk Management staff member or by the your program's director or lead administrator.  Training must follow the PowerPoint Presentation exactly and verification of this training must be included as a part of the registration packet.

4. The PowerPoint presentation and an online quiz link are available for out-of-town camp staff.  Call 423-425-5741 for more information.

A Covered Program that involves strenuous physical activity must require the parent or legal guardian of a minor to sign and return the following forms:                 

The Program Director may scan these forms into a file and email them to  Each program must have these forms available in case of an emergency, so please retain a copy for your records.    

If the sponsor of a Covered Program is not a University Unit, the Program Director shall require the sponsor of the Covered Program to sign an agreement to indemnify and hold harmless the University of Tennessee for the acts or omissions of program participants or the sponsor’s employees or agents. A copy of the completed agreement shall be forwarded to the campus/institute Chief Business Officer and the Designated Official. This requirement does not apply to a governmental entity prohibited by law from entering into an indemnification agreement.                  

For Covered Programs not sponsored by a University Unit, the sponsoring entity is responsible for deciding whether to conduct background checks on persons who are not University employees, contractors, or volunteers.    

A Covered Program in violation of this policy may be denied permission to continue operation in connection with the University of Tennessee. Any violations of this policy by an individual will be handled in accordance with other applicable University policies and procedures, which for University employees may include disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. In addition, a person who fails to comply with Tennessee laws on mandatory reporting of child abuse and child sexual abuse can face criminal prosecution.         

Exceptions to this policy may be granted by the Designated Official, following consultation with Human Resources and the Office of the General Counsel. Please contact Faith Garner at 423-425-5741 or if you have a questions or need help.

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