Shipping Dangerous Goods/Hazardous Materials


The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has detailed regulations related to the shipment of dangerous goods. Penalties, including fines, can result from failure to abide by these regulations. Dangerous goods offered for shipment have unique packaging requirements.  There are also strict training requirements for anyone shipping dangerous goods. 

For these reasons, only qualified personnel can ship hazardous materials from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

How do I know if a material is a Dangerous Good/Hazardous Material?

If you have questions about the Dangerous Goods shipping program call extension 2297 or 5209 and ask to speak with someone about the shipment. We will help you determine if your shipment meets the definition of hazardous materials.  We cannot emphasis enough, if you are not sure, CALL US.


If your shipment does meet the classification of hazardous materials or dangerous goods, we will help you get it ready to go.  To prepare your goods for shipment Safety and Risk Management will help ensure everything is properly packed using the following guidelines.

  • We will help you select the appropriate inner containers. This includes using containers of compatible materials with airtight lids. NOTE: corks, cotton plugs, tape, or parafilm are not acceptable lids. The outside of the containers must be clean and free of chemical contamination.  For laboratory chemicals, original containers are generally sufficient.
  • Ensure all containers are accurately labeled with exact names as well as exact contents (including percentages of each chemical if it is a mixture). 
  • We will assist you in choosing the correct outer package.  These must be designed to protect the inner containers and, depending on the nature of the shipment, may be made from a variety of materials.
  • We will need the correct shipping address. It is best if you simply print that onto standard paper and bring it with the shipment.
  • We will also need a copy of the Safety Data Sheet (formerly known as the Material Safety Data Sheet, or MSDS) for EACH product you are shipping.
  • DO NOT SEAL THE OUTER PACKAGE!  We need to inspect the inner containers prior to final closure.  This step is required by the Department of Transportation.
  • Deliver the unsealed shipment with all paperwork to our office.  We are located at:

          Administrative Services

          400 Palmettos St

          Suite 111

We will ensure that everything is properly packed and that all of the required shipping documents and permits are in order.  We will then deliver your shipment to the mail room for you.  

Who pays for the shipment?

As with other shipments, your department is responsible for the actual cost of shipping.  Safety and Risk Management does NOT impose any kind of surcharge for our assistance.  You should also note that insurance is generally not available for any hazardous materials shipment.