UTC Policy-Disaster Planning and Preparedness

Per University of Tennessee System-Wide Policies on Safety & Health, the University has developed a comprehensive policy on Disaster Preparedness. This policy is to serve as a guide to operating procedures during times of potential or actual catastrophic events occurring on or in the proximity of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. In times of emergency, a coordinated flow of events can greatly reduce the incidence of bodily injury as well as monetary loss to the University.


UTC Department of Safety and Risk Management is responsible for:

  1. The development, documentation, implementation and on-going management of the Emergency Management Plan. The program will include disasters, disturbances, hazardous materials incidents and inclement weather.
  2. Reviewing the plan annually and updating as necessary.
  3. Providing a method for testing the plan.
  4. The plan will include emergency chain of command, emergency contacts, evacuation routes, locations of first-aid facilities and public relations responsibilities.

UTC Deans, Directors, and Department Heads are responsible for:

  1. Adoption and support of the University's Action Plan for Abnormal Conditions.
  2. Willing and active participation in annual testing when and where necessary.
  3. Making recommendations to the Department of Safety and Environmental Health for improvement to the most current plan.

UTC Employees are responsible for:

  1. Complying with University Policies and Procedures in the event of abnormal conditions.
  2. Complying with all agencies and authorities during any event.