Employee Safety and Health Concerns



To encourage, promote and provide a method for employee to report unsafe and/or potential hazardous conditions, the Department of Safety & Risk Management will develop a method whereby these may be reported and abated. The reporting of such conditions by an employee shall in no way result in disciplinary action or reprisal against the employee.


Any University employee may use the UT Chattanooga Report of Unsafe Conditions form to report any unsafe and/or potentially hazardous conditions on the University campus. These forms can be submitted both anonymously and confidentially should the employee so choose.

On receiving a Report of Unsafe Condition form, the Department of Safety and Risk Management will perform an inspection of the reported situation/area. The inspection will include recommendations for correction or abatement of the existing condition, if warranted, along with a follow-up inspection date.

Employees also have the option of calling the Department of Safety and Risk Management at ext. 5209 or ext. 2145 to verbally report any conditions which they deem unsafe. Or if they choose to do so, they may complete and send the following form to the Department of Safety and Risk Management (This may be done anonymously):

Report Unsafe Conditions Form