Abnormal Conditions Preparedness Guide

In the event of an emergency or abnormal condition, this guide is intended to be used as a quick reference for recommended action.  This guide should be kept in a location that is accessible in the event of an emergency.                  

For any other questions or comments, please contact the UTC Office of Safety & Risk Management at 425-5209 or 2145 or 2297.                  


Preparedness Resources

Personal Preparedness

Personal preparedness is all about how to keep yourself safe during emergencies. Pre-planning can save your life when seconds count. Visit the Personal Preparedness resources page to learn more about how the steps to preparedness on campus and in your community.

Multicultural Preparedness

People come from different cultural backgrounds. Preparedness information is available in numerous languages. Visit the Multicultural Preparedness resources page to preparedness information available in your primary language.

Persons with Disability

Preparedness resources are available for persons with disability. Visit the Preparedness for Persons with Disability resources page to learn more.

Helpful Fact Sheets

Disasters come in all different sizes. Our Helpful Facts page provides additional templates, plans, and safety sheets for various emergency situations.