Emergency Alert and Notification


If an emergency occurs on campus, how will you be notified? UTC has several different avenues of reaching the campus population during an emergency:


UTC Alert


Emergency Text Messages

UTC Alert sends emergency messages to your phone.

What is it? UTC  Alert is an emergency notification system

What does it  do? UTC Alert will send your cell phone a text message during emergency  situations which require an immediate action on your part. Examples of these  messages include:

-April 27, 2011  Tornadoes

-Unscheduled university  closings

-Bomb threats, large  scale evacuations

-Acts of violence

How much does it  cost? ITS FREE!!!

How do I sign  up? Visit our UTC Alert page and click SIGN UP NOW!
How do I unsubscribe?  Click here for step-by-step instructions.


UTC Email

UTC will send an email containing critical instructions during an emergency. Emails will be sent via UTC-Memo(Scrappy), UTC-URGENT, and UTC-INFO (Faculty  & Staff).


UTC Website and Social Media

While the UTC website and social media are not the primary alerting methods, UTC will display critical instructions on the UTC website homepage. In addition, UTC will post emergency information on social media sites: UTC Website, UTC Facebook, UTC Twitter.


Classroom and Building Alerts

Alert Beacons


Classroom Alert Beacon

Device provides emergency classroom instructions.

What is it? Alert Beacons are wall-mounted devices that  sound an alarm to notify when an emergency has occurred. The Alert Beacons contain important  instructions for how to respond to the emergency situation. 


LED Scrolling signs


Emergency Scrolling Messages

Provide critical instructions during an emergency.

What is it? LED Marquees are typically placed overhead to complement Alert Beacons.  Additionally, the overhead LED displays along with Alert Beacons serve deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals, and ensure your facilities are ADA compliant. 


Additional Notification Systems include:

  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Voice Announcements via Fire Panels
  • PA Systems run by Campus Police
  • TV Take Over System
  • Fire Log
  • Crime Log
  • 425-4SNO

For more information, please visit the Inclement Weather Policy  or your Emergency Guide