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Award Contracts and Subawards

All research-related agreements must be processed through the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.  These documents may have many different titles, but they should all come through ORSP. If you receive anything related to research or external funding that requires a signature or click-through agreement, contact ORSP for assistance. If you receive an award contract, contact Angie Johnson of the ORSP at 423-425-5399 or for assistance.  She will work with you, the external sponsor, UT general counsel, UT Research Foundation and others as needed to develop and/or negotiate award contracts.

Types of Agreements 



General Award Contracts 

Typically, an organization making an award will use its own contract, but if not UT has developed a general contract form which we can use in many award situations. Contact for assistance with forms and templates.

Material Transfer Agreements (MTA)

MTA's are a type of award contract used when an organization provides proprietary materials (such as drugs or research samples) to the university for use in research. MTA frequently contain intellectual property, confidentiality, and publication provisions.

Confidentiality Agreements

Confidentiality agreements (sometimes known as proprietary information or nondisclosure agreements) require sensitive information to be safeguarded or kept in confidence. Confidentiality agreements that are required before you can submit or conduct an externally-funded project are processed by ORSP.  

Other Contracts

Other contracts that are not related to externally-funded projects are processed by Kristen Johnson in Purchasing.  Some examples are affiliation agreements which generate no funds for the university, rental agreements for university facilities, agreements to use resources (equipment, computer systems, etc.) of outside organizations, and confidentiality agreements not associated with an externally-funded project. Contact Kristen Johnson for assistance and guidance on other university contracts.


Subawards that pay outside/third parties to conduct a substantive portion of the work on an externally-funded project are jointly developed by the Principal Investigator and the ORSP. At the proposal stage, information about the subaward is gathered via the Subrecipient Commitment Form. In addition, the subaward statement of work and budget are included as part of the grant application. After the project is funded, contact Angie Johnson when you are ready to implement the subaward. Subawards are entered into IRIS by the PI's department (instead of being entered into Cayuse). A NCJ (non-compete justification) in IRIS is also prepared by the department.

Approval Process

The contract approval process for awards is routed through Cayuse. For more information on Cayuse, please check out our help page or contact ORSP! 

Please note only certain individuals (the Chancellor or Vice Chancellor) have authority to sign contracts for the university. No one else may sign!

Contact Information

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General Award Contracts


Confidentiality Agreements (related to award contracts)


Approval Process 

Angie Johnson

Assistant Director

Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

423-425 - 5399

Other Contracts 

Other Confidentiality Agreements

Kristen Johnson

Contract Specialist 

Procurement & Contract Services 

423-425 - 1705